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Looking for a dress maker on the city to work on my next Rosalina cosplay, I know a true cosplay is hand made but I compared to other cosplayer that regularly change their character, on my side it must be Rosalina for a looonnng time. I wear my dress since more than 4 years as cons and events and it’s better have something resistant and well made so for the next must be the same way.
Planning to do the Gymnastic suit from the games Mario and Sonic at Rio Olympic games but that kinda of elastic tissues need special machines that many dress maker don’t have cause not enough usefull and hard to find someone able to create that kind of suit. Also when a man ask for a woman creation it’s not a great start… XD


Two publications in a row with Samus but this one in a really more lovely and tender way compared to previous one she enjoyed Rosalina ass (see it here). This illustration is a reward for the monthly patreon raffle, the winner asked ‘Rosalina singing in a small band‘ and it’s JamilSC11 that once again did her best with that talent and kindness that make her so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At start I had in mind to pair Rosalina with a musician girl as from K-On series but JamilSC11 told me she love Nintendo girls and it’s finally Samus that join for a wonderfull singer duo. As the original idea was same I didn’t imagined it can turn so sexy, as if JamilSC11 consider the clothes suit as SFW version I must admit both turn and sexy with those suits and give a marvelous show. Also as bonus you have the naked version even more exciting but as me clothes really give a magical touch to a lady and both suits add a spicy touch to this illustration. °w°
So much awesome details and a great feeling on this illustration, not only both ladies and suit but the background is impressive with lot of details and great colors adding that Luma for an adorable touch. Also as if JamilSC11 made Rosalina and Samus turn so sexy they also are really dynamic, like you can imagine them singing with sweet and lovely voices with Rosalina slowly walking on the scene. Second illustration here by JamilSC11 but not the last and be sure she will continue amaze us. I hope you like this illustration guys and feel free to visit JamilSC11‘s profile and gallery for more ravishing illustration and also excellent commissions deal (you wont regret it).

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$

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