#618 – Peach Sensual caress

LAST DAY to participate to ‘Your dream by…‘ and WIN A FREE ILLUSTRATION. I received two entries that I must add but you still have your chance. If something kinky pop in your mind for a great duo with Rosalina feel free to submit it in the ‘contest page (here)‘. Bandijones told me he’s really busy at this time but stay tuned.
May is here, time to think about the next Artist of the month but I already have a little idea in mind so won’t take so long to add him. Don’t miss to take a look for great surprises and wonderfull galleries… ^^


Today Rosalina decided to offer some company and her sweet body to Peach for some sweet and sensual moments together while Mario is missing (again). This lovely illustration was made by Diamanda and it’s also the 30th time I receive this dup for my project. Peach and Rosalina are from same universe and kinda similar proportions so really easy pair then together and make everything happen. I love this one to is really romantic and intimate like the start of a long night that can turn more sensual and intense depending what we want to imagine. More than an illustration it’s part of a story and I love that feeling Diamanda created here.
Love the mix into cuteness in this illustration, soft breasts to foundle and perfect ass to grab (and maybe give little spanking) with on other side woth so quiet, romantic and sensual with an adorable look, Diamanda sure made a powerfull combo and the result is wonderfull. Little pantie touch for lingerie lover and it’s just perfect. I hope you love it as me guys. ^^
For more don’t miss to take a look to Diamanda‘s gallery for more damn sexy ladies and be sure kinda more than sensual, some really hot poses and naughty action that you will sure enjoy. Not so many piece but we really see quality increasing with time so with a little support to encourage Diamanda to continue on that way, Diamanda‘s art must reach an epic level. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mavruda / Cost: 35$
Tumblr: www.diamandaart.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Diamanda/profile

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