#616 – Samus love it rough

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One more entry for ‘Your dream by…’ Raffle, only a few participants for now, also feel sad many people I know don’t participate and visitors don’t notice about it (or don’t care maybe). That’s frustrating do your best to make the blog alive offering visitors a way to participate and get a little bonus WINNING A FREE ILLUSTRATION but for not it let more chance to the actual participants.
Also noticed I missed the newsletter after the previous publication,must be careful with it and feel free to subscribe on the right sidebar to be noticed by mail when a new publication or event come. Not my kind to spam so don’t worry, just be sure don’t miss next (kinky) content… ^^


Today a new illustration so hot as her story is particular. It started when DigitallyDeviant contacted me about my profile picture (on the right) saying he would love use it as model adding a futa cosplayer (of my choice) ‘seasoning Rosalina’s food‘. Be sure it was a weird request at first but kinda original and exciting too so I accepted his offer and asked to add Rin from Vocaloid. the result is cool but kinda sketchy I keep it as patreon reward.
Once the Rin illustration was done, DigitallyDeviant offered me to draw more Rosalina pictures for free but only if I ‘wanted to posed as model‘. You can be sure as trap and butt lover he didn’t expected to get sweet and cute photos and like how dangerous is the internet when you share that kind of content was more safe to refuse. Don’t know why but I wanted to give it a try, that forbidden and weird part was kinda exciting too and I accepted DigitallyDeviant offer but with some conditions.
Won’t explain all the actual deal (must be so long) but I give him some photos and each one took a pose to be draw and decide about the second character to join Rosalina. DigitallyDeviant first picked Samus to ravage that sweet princess ass. I won’t show you the original photo but I think you can already have an idea how it looks. Also for those that aren’t into trap there is also a pussy version (part of the deal). Also about the creampie version, for those thinking that it can’t happen with Samus suit working as a condom there is that illustration I found that can explain it. ^^’

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

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