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#260 – Metroid – Samus N°6

It was hard but the new wishlist is now done (see it here), There is still a lot of work remaining but you can have a preview about it now… Don’t hesitate to say me what do you think about this new one, I hope the final version will be done before the end of the week… I hope… And have a great week and good luck guys… ^^

In my previous publication I said a new Samus must come and sincerely this one is the more expensive commission I asked dor the blog, not sure it will happened again and don’t really know how I do this crazy thing (like my budget it’s a really expensive one) but Vodkbsolut really have an awesome style so I cannot resist to ask him more information about commission and finally ask him to contribute to the blog… Hope you like it (though I’m sure you like it)… XD

At start I really hesitated to ask Rosalina with a League of Legends character to Vodkbsolut since he made some amazing one than you can see in his gallery (that’s here), my favorite is the one with Fiora and Shyvana where Vodkbsolut did an awesome job with light and shadows but as me the more important is the pleasure have more fun make the drawing so I left Vodkbsolut free to choose a character he love in my wishlist and it’s finally samus who pick his interest…

It’s the 6th Rosalina and Samus pairing I have now in my blog but I must admit this one is the more powerfull. Vodkbsolut said he love the contrast into Rosalina dress and Samus latex outfif and I must agrese it was a great idea, for other drawing artist often use similar colors for Rosalina and Samus clothes but with Vodkbsolut style we really see it’s some the same sensation for each, and it’s the first time I think Samus look sexiest than Rosalina.. But just for the suit… Rosalina is still my favorite girl… ;p

Last thing, Vodkbsolut sent me two sketches about this drawing, you can easilly see the one I choosed but if you are curious to see the other idea i added these sketch… Congrat to Vodkbsolut for this awesome pic and sincerely guys don’t hesitate if you want to commission him, I agree it’s a little expensive but this quality for two full body character and detailed background I must agree that’s really more interesting than a lot of artists… No ?