#925 – Spacegirls lingerie romance

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PATREON BONUS: Princess and Z23 ship-girl (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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If your having a shitty day feeling everything you do goes bad, maybe if will make you better know I got a muscle torn on my cheek cause yawning too much at work and can’t eat normally since a week (can’t count as working incident?). And I also noticed that 5 months later I forgot post the January raffle reward illustration…. Bwaaaaa… *face hitting desk*… T_T
So today will be serious work posting this illustration and get soft, wishlist and curriculum pages updated properly. I also changed the chronological order of the curriculum page and must rename it into “Rosalina history” unless you have some suggestion? I’m sure there can be even better name for it °o°


At first, it was FalseAlias who won January raffle and was able get any idea she wants draw by the-4got10-one with Rosalina being included of course. The first idea was a “classic pin-up would be nice, maybe with her just in chilling out in the Observatory in her undies or something like it“, sounds pretty cute and adorable anyway I told FalseAlias she was able to pick a duo and goes more naughty if she wanted since the-4got10-one was fine with NSFW stuff. So after so thinking the second suggestion was “Maybe Samus, similar set-up? If it’s something sexy, why not a bedtime scene“, if I’m right both are her favourite Nintendo ladies… ^^
Now it was up to the artist having the general idea and could choose about poses and clothes (even if commission, artists freedom is always a great point) and the-4got10-one surprised me sending 5 sketches to choose from. There was enough great content and ideas for an epic YCH battle but the idea here is to only pick just one and it was huge challenge for FalseAlias to choose but she finally decided to “go with the first one. The only edit I asked to the-4got10-one was flip the illustration to fit Rosalina’s hairstyle since she’s on top.

After telling the-4got10-one about the chose pose, I received directly the final illustration so no extra WIP I can show you to see about the progress during line, colour and shading anyway the result is just amazing. I love the light and colours giving an intimate atmosphere even more sensual with the lingerie addition, also a see-through effect on Rosalina dress that is so magic. Another really cool detail is both girl expression, Rosalina being adorable and protective getting and adorable face when you feel about the warrior on Samus expression. I’m not sure Samus was really fine for this but now it’s too late to go back being all ready and dressed, also no doubt she’ll enjoy that moment with Rosalina… ^__^
I hope you guys like this illustration and enjoy the-4got10-one‘s one more time, feel free to visit his page to discover about even more lovely illustrations and feel free if you want to support him joining his patreon or going for a commission. As you can see the-4got10-one is up to SFW/NSFW illustrations and even animations pieces… °w°

Artist: the-4got10-one / 25$ commission
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