#252 – Metroid – Samus N°4

I’m starting rearange the blog with my ex-friend shao, so at first you can see links have an other color than usual until the greay you is not easy to see now it’s a little yellow… I know it look special, especialy for me but after a little time… Yeah, it look really better… Next point it to update the wishlist page… And it wont be easy…

Today it’s the last post before my birthday, the next will be on january 7th, hope receive some other drawings this day instead of commission I asked, to one I received from Tallon and maybe one by Merethide… Maybe…

 So enjoy this new drawing by Rawrshaw who already contribute with a lovely Rosalina x Zelda (see the post here) and he/she (in fact it was impossible find if Rawrshaw is a boy or a girl) sent me a new comment with the link to to awesome Rosalina x Samus… From Metroid if you don’t recognize her… ^^

Really bad thing, Rawrshaw said about hentaifoundry than ” the bad news is that it keeps getting rejected even though countless amounts of time fixing “.. I must agree there is some part who look a little curious like Samus noise but I think it’s more because Rawrshaw‘s style and I don’t see any other mistake… Not fair Hentaifoundry don”t whant to show this one… T_T

Last thing, you can see on the top than Rawrshaw drew two button: A and B, hope the reconize them from the wiimote, the A for kiss and B for insert the dildo, but don’t know if it will be on Rosalina or Samus pussy, though I have a little idea… I asked to Rawrshaw what happened if I press A and B at the same time and he answered ” that leads to a special scene “… Where is my wiimote, where is my wiimote!!! Can’t wai to see it… (^o^)/

Artist: Rawrshaw / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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