Birthday on January 7th – Me and Rosalina

Yeah, after Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st (see the post here), it will be mine in January 7th. I always say I’m so jealous seeing Rosalina with a man that’s why I create this yuri blog and project though sometimes I think it must be awesome have some illustrations of Me and Rosalina so I create this little event for my birthday… Hope there is artist who accept to participate… It must be awesome guys… (^o^)/

Not use to add references of Rosalina and if you are curious about me, why not take a look at my facebook profil (click here)… Not a surprise, you can find it on the “contact page too… XD


  1. Anonymous

    I hope that’s good enough for you.

  2. Anonymous

    we have the same bday!

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Eh eh… Hope it will be fun for you too… ^^


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