January 7th… Hey… It’s my birthday today... So let get the party starting… (^o^)/

After Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st it’s my turn to have a little fun, I agree it will be a really special post here (though a lot a artist thought I’m a girl) but once a year… I think I can do it… ^^

The idea for my birthday was “Rosalina and Me” and I commissioned some drawing in that way but you can see I received some gifts from friends and lovely artists here… Really powerfull and sometimes really original gifts… Don’t hesitate to take a look and maybe let a little comment, it’s always really nice…

 The first drawing I received is a gift from Tallon… You know the little mail with “Don’t open til your birthday “… It was hard to resist for a month but I’m alive and it’s now time to open it… Yeah…. ^^

So my first gift was draw by DeadCorpseBarbie representing Rosalina and me dancing… This one is really powerfull and I must admit I have a great costum and the perfect song: Rosalina’s observatory… Excellent one DeadCorpseBarbie and thanks so much Tallon

A great drawing sent and drew by the awesome dmfo who already contributed with a little story in Bowser laboratory (see it here)Dmfo love scifi, machines and laboratory so I decided start a little serie with him… But didn’t expected this gift… I love the concept, idea and I agree my dreams with Rosalina are always so electric… That’s the only reason sleep is so powerfull as work on my blog… XD
Thanks for your paticipation dmfo… (^o^)/

Other gift I received from Eromanboy… For people who know Mario galaxy you can see on the original soundtrack there is 3 songs for Rosalina’s observatory and Eromanboy sent me piano and recorder versions of the song… After the new wishlist page my idea was to add a little music on the blog so it was a perfect gift… Thanks so much Eromanboy… And why not a CD cover…. Hum… ^^

A pretty funny and curious drawing I received from anonymous i a comment about my birthday event, in fact there is a part of true because I always say I’m so jealous when I see Rosalina with a man but in real life you can be sure everytime there is a girl with something suggested Rosalina I’m really active… Thanks anonymous, though I have a little idea about who sent me this drawing… ;p

My first commission for my birthday, of course I expected some gifts but for a bigger post I commissioned some drawings too. The first commission was to izka197 who already drew a Really cute Rosalina as commission for Tallon (see it here).

Izka197 have a really lovely style so I decided to ask her something more romantic and cute, hope you like the result… I don”t have a so powerfull uniform as the one asked by Tallon but I love this blue cravat in reference to Rosalina’s dress… That’s an excellent one… ^^

As a huge Rosalina lover, you can be sure I want to do everything with Rosalina, so cute and romantic scenes are really beautifull but as a little pervert you can understand I want to have some fun too so I asked some commission a little more… hum… explicit… ;p

The first was to necrohound. At start I hesitated a lot since he already draw some Rosalina x Gallant pic (Gallant love Rosalina but think Rosalina belong to him)… Though I saw Necrohound really need money and have a powerfull style so I asked him to participate and sincerely I think it was a really nice idea… Don’t hesitate to commission him too.. ^^

Last commission I asked to konani who already drew Rosalina twice (see these post here). It’s a really nice and lovely artist so I decided to commission him again but this time with a Rosalina and Me… For a yaoi fan I don’t know if he love participate though when there is something he don’t love to draw, Konani don’t hesiate say it, but it’s better if the artist have some pleasure make the drawing and do his best… ^^

Curious detail, Konani thought I was a girl at start so when I sent him some references for this commission, he suggested to draw me as futa… O_o

I want to say a huge thanks for everybody who (will) wish me an happy birthday but I’m to tired (and lasy) to write all names so thanks everybody and have a great day… Oh yeah… ^^

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