#258 – Original – Pepper

My birthday is now over… I’m old guys but still alive so the blog must continue and turn normal until Rosalina’s birthday on November or maybe the next event… I have some ideas is mind when everydoby can participate and still want to make a contest but I need more money for prizes… Maybe a day… Maybe… ^^

And I just noticed but there is two new followers, that’s always so powerfull see poeple suscribe and comment, A huge thanks to Skull and Eromanboy for their constant support and comment, though everybody can comment so don’t hesitate let a comment guys… ^^

 So for this new drawing, it’s a lovely gift by GadjeWood who drew Rosalina and his Oc Pepper… The subject for my birthday was “Rosalina and Me” but we can’t forget the true objective of my blog so that so powerfull to have a girl x girl pic as gift too… Thanks so much GadjeWood… (^o^)/

For people who follow the blog since a long time, I hope you noticed than Rosalina have star-shaped pubes in the Rosalina x Zelda pic (see it here) and I though it was an excellent idea but the question wha “Who did it?“… And now you have a precise answer… XD

Pepper have a great material, some experience (I think) so with Rosalina looking so demanding like her face I think it was a great choice… As you can see GadjeWood did a great work with Rosalina, Pepper and also the background really detailled with all Pepper’s material…

And a little quote as bonus: “It takes a keen eye and a sharp razor (and sometimes tweezers) to get star-shaped pubes just right. Rosalina from one of those Mario things, for Harmonie_Rosalina‘s birthday. This is the first Josie Pepper I’ve done that actually shows what she does for a living.

Artist: GadjeWood  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)
No more girls until the new wishlish is done…

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