#223bis – Original Character – Luna

I never expected than make the html code for the new wishlist page must be so complicated, I have now a new presentation so it’s more easy to use it but now I have to add more than 350 characters, lot of links and rearange the previous one moving or addign some characters.For the moment it’s a really huge work so no more time to spam artists but I hope finish it before the end of the week, hope it will be the same case for my friend doing the wishlist for the soft blog, also there is 250 drawings here and 35 in rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com so it will be more easy… ^^

I received a new drawing for my birthday with Rosalina, Peach and daisy with arabian style (transparent dress are so powerfull) but before that it’s a drawing made for Rosalina’s bitthday, I know it was in Noverber 1st but A-S1y-Fox was really busy and finished the drawing recently. Also for people who remember the birthday post, I uploaded the sketch of this commission with A-S1y-Fox and now it’s time for the final version, hope you like it guys…

I love cow and cow-girl character, I already have some drawings with that subject like Rosalina with Victoria Seras (see it here) or Rosalina with Hanako (see it here) so when I saw than A-S1y-Fox have a lovely character he never colored in his hentaifoundry gallery, I asked him to participate to Rosalina’s birthday with a commission showing Rosalina and Luna…

The situation is A-S1y-Fox‘s idea, Rosalina enjoying her cake giving to Luna some fun at the same time, the idea was just awesome and I really love the result. Don’t hesitate if you want to ask a commission to A-S1y-Fox guys, like his prices and style it’s a really great deal…

I know this drawing is really late comparate to Rosalia’s birthday, at start I hesitated to submit if for the next birthday on 2013 or for Luna’s one but it’s on September 21th and we don’t want to let you wait a lot before show this so powerfull drawing so I publish it now… There is a new commission in progress and I must ask a drawing again to A-S1y-Fox for Luna’s birthday, hope he won’t be late for this one… Though there is lot of time before september… XD

Artist: A-S1y-Fox  /  Cost: 15$

No more girls until the new wishlish is done…

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  1. A-S1y-Fox

    Wow thanks for the lovely entry on this! I was really glad you liked it and again, I’m sorry for it being so bloody late. That wasn’t fair especially since this one had a deadline.

    And thanks for the recommendation. Its been slow at my commission shop so I have plenty of openings for people who are interested.

    Happy Birthday! and Happy late Birthday to Rosalina!

    Take Care!


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