#628 – BatteryGirl hungry for butt

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Out of town and no internet this week-end so the blog post was made earlier and planed for this week-end, also had to cheat on the main post planning a new one and make the previous expire at same time so I’ll remove it manually. For the RosalinaxGirl patreon it’s a little complicated, since you can’t have planed publication I don’t have choice post them when I’ll be back on Monday morning. Also another week-end without be able looking for new artists so I’ll have to rush next week.
For now I due to financial situation, I live on my father living room (yeah, don’t have my own bedroom) and since he spend so much time watch tv (near to my computer) it’s impossible for me have some intimacy or open NSFW content so you can imagine how hard it is to manage the site. Only safe when he goes to sleep (late) but since some family will come on June he will go to sleep on the living room too so technically I’ll never be able get time manage the site for two weeks. Must really find a solution or will give me huge troubles… O_o


For now here is a new piece linked to ‘Your dream by…‘ event. After tell SacciSalt her idea won, the artist had to move on another piece due to technical issues but didn’t want to come back and say the drawign she was waiting for will never happen, must be so bad. Then I promised her do my best made it happen and after some discussion with DigitallyDeviant and some black panties deal (long story) we finally managed to get this kinky duo happen. Also if you are curious, BatteryGirl is xxxbattery‘s OC and mascot. First time she meet Rosalina and about xxxbattery he already participated to the project with that powerfull duo featuring Marie and Callie from Splatoon and even more great piece that you can find here.
Since DigitallyDeviant really love butts, we picked the second reference from Sacci’s idea. Due to our actual deal, I pose as (sexy) model wearing my Rosalina cosplay and illustrations are used as reference to draw illustration adding another lady for a naughty duo that come in the blog. I first made a little photo series for DigitallyDeviant with both Rosalina and BatteryGirl pose and then he started work on the illustration. Due to the even the original idea was for a cunni but using crossplayer as model for trap photos it was easier make it ass oriented. That’s why there is two versions. That’s fun cause the trap version is from the true original photo but since the true Rosalina is a lady, then the female version is more right for her. At last DigitallyDeviant made a powerfull job and was fun challenge pose for this illustration. Now just pick the version you prefer and I hope you enjoy it guys, also hope to get your feedback Sacci and Vaider… ^^
BatteryGirl sure have a really cool design and love those neon motifs on her skin, like a mix into futuristic tattoo and tron Universe but I guess xxxbattery had in mind this futuristic and digital look creating her so it looks so cool. Then she now invited Rosalina on her universe but not just to give her a little visit, had to be a fun day and can’t be fun without some sex. Preparing Rosalina ass with spit, she also got some “little” toys so you can be sure it will be intense and I’m sure she’s also getting excited that after that her turn will come to get abused by that sexy princess needing her revenge. They sure will have lot of fun together and each one can imagine how it will turn, that part is the more exciting in my opinion… °w°

With all WIP I received from DigitallyDeviant, I have now a great step by step series that I decided to publish as patreon reward cause would be too huge for the site and don’t want overload the post. Then for sure it wont have the original photos I made as reference with Rosalina crossplay. At last if you want to get an idea I posted one on my DeviantArt account that I really love. I looks so sensual on this one but as if no nudity it’s kinda more ecchi/mature than safe for everybody. It’s also the second illustration from DigitallyDeviant, previous one was the rough duo with samus (here) but many more will come so stay tuned. Oh yeah.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

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