#697 – Velma's hand goes on mystery

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I finally created a new patreon tier reward, for now limited at two slots this one make you win an illustration for EACH month pledge. Same rules as the previous tier but no raffle and each month you can choose a character/pose for a duo with Rosalina according to the artist guidelines and two rules: ‘no men and sexual interactions with Lumas‘.
Also made a deal with the Lunakiri that will end with a 6 illustrations series based on characters from Nier Automata game. Also February patreon raffle winner will pick the girl he want from Nier universe and the situation to decide how will be one illustration from this series. Stay tuned guys… ^^


After a really naughty backview illustration (see it here), DigitallyDeviant help the collection grow up one more time with his style and a still really naughty illustration with lady/trap versions that DigitallyDeviant know how to make so perfect. I’m sure all with fetish for glasses girls (and bestiality at some points) know her, that sweet hand exploring Rosalina’s pantie is Velma’s one from Scooby-doo series.
And we keep that particularity from DigitallyDeviant‘s Rosalina illustrations with both female and trap version on Rosalina (see all other illustrations here). The point is Rosalina pose was already decided but was a real challenge for Velma. At first she was on the left but from than angle her hand was too hard to manage so DigitallyDeviant moved her on the right side to make the pose correct (first version on the righ)t. Also and it make me think that if the left Velma wasn’t that sketchy we can cheat and make a twins Velma with Rosalina, thought like the pleasure on Rosalina face, one is already enough to make that little princess in heaven… Oh yeah… °w°
I really love the original pose for Rosalina in this piece, open leg, hand inside sweet panty gently teasing her pussy or massaging balls depending the version and DigitallyDeviant was able keep it so awesome and with all the kinky and expressive part that turn it sooo powerfull. Also for Velma you can be sure I chosen a version with high heels as reference but no skirt to be sure enjoy that sweet ass. Also forgive me for the title not that original but it’s like already with Velma is already taken, at last I hope you enjoy this piece and don’t miss drop a little comment here or on DigitallyDeviant‘s page, it’s always nice to have some feedback or support… ^^

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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