#728 – Archers's new (princess) target

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Got the first sketch for the patreon raffle reward that member can see, it show Rosalina and the OC Imelia owned by Kittehskye. Anyway the artist isn’t really happy with this one and want try another pose even more naughty so let see what will come. For sure I keep you in touch… ^^
Was night at museums in France, some were open and free from 7:30pm to 1am and it was a great opportunity visit one with some friends. A special expo/even that was useless in my opinion but the museum itself was really pleasant to visit as if not the first time I go in this one. What amazed me the most are paintings with some huge and impressive or other really realistic.


Now here is a new piece from my deal with the amazing DigitallyDeviant that was so kind and accepted work on a threesome drawing Rosalina with archer and archer queen from Clash of Clan (or Clash Royal). Once again, I posed as model for this illustration but compared to the other DigitallyDeviant’s creations (see all here), I had to take the pose for the 3 characters instead of just Rosalina to have it easier to manage since a trio need so much work as you can imagine, even more adding interactions between characters.
Not so much kinky fanarts about games like Clash of Clan or dungeon defender that also have some sweet characters that would make a nice duo with Rosalina. I talked with DigitallyDeviant that I wanted a character from Clash of Clan to be with Rosalina but can’t decide from the archer or queen, finally he accepted for a trio (thanks sooo much). Other detail you sure noticed but can be wrong at a point is, there is a female and trap version for Rosalina but no futanari as many can imagine. It’s not like there is a preference about trap/futa (though a little in fact) but it’s also due to DigitallyDeviant‘s model that have some special attributes… ^^’
I really love how turned this piece from the start as if there was some adjustments DigitallyDeviant managed, he made queen dick finer and moved the archer closer to Rosalina the have the dick not like horse size as if it can sounds even more naughty at some points. There is also Rosalina leg the moved due to the new position of the archer, I kinda think it was more interesting have the leg laid down archer shoulder dut I suppose that way was easier for DigitallyDeviant to manage. Finally must say looks sooo hot wearing high heels and the creamy touch is also a powerfull detail…. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Lately DigitallyDeviant work on several project but that are all private but once again you can see all Rosalina he made here. Feel free to have a look at his HentaiFoundry page to drop him a comment or maybe if you are interested commission him for some naughty project you can also contact him by mail. DigitallyDeviant his a really pleasant person and sure don’t bite… ^__^

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
Mail: digitallydecadent@gmail.com

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