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#685 – Starting Christmas with Tinkerbell

I’m curious how wordpress manage posts ID, as example the last with Cynthia is #3500 and the next I made with Poppy is #3507, I was wondering if the illustrations add also count but it don’t work in general so still wonder what make ID increase so much for each posts. If someone know about WordPress, it must be powerfull.
About the last con, as if I’m so proud of my cosplay ready to catch a cold being Rosalina for a day I must admit the tennis version didn’t have a huge effect. I know the crossplay have something to do and after all it’s not a badass, impressive or sexy cosplay as people as looking for but whatever, guess better be back to the original dress that have a more princess look… U_u


December is here and I guess it’s time to start with Christmas illustrations, anyway instead of a huge post at Christmas I’ll post them one by one starting earlier for multiple reasons. Starting with Rosalina and Tinkerbell drew by Lunakiri there is like a year, I came a bit late with this duo request and the illustration was done in April so I decided keep it in a corner until Christmas. Thinking at it again I’m not sure it was the best way have Lunakiri wait that much to publish her illustration, also since a year she really increased her level as you can see on the illustration in the right.
Love that lovely and a bit exentric fairy and being at Disneyland Paris last year I saw Tinkerbell with this red outfit during the Christmas parade but at a place we can hardly see her. Maybe it’s from this frustration that I asked Lunakiri to draw her like this with Rosalina. Since the resultat is pretty naughty I wont show about the original model that sure she was so ravishing. As if it’s the 5th duo with Tinkerbell for the blog, it’s always so magic see both together and have one more piece by Lunakiri… \(^o^)/
Now you know about the origin of this duo and Tinkerbell suit, the pose and Rosalina outfit were up to Lunakiri that goes with breast plays that goes sensual on a way with Tinkerbell expression but on other side Rosalina expression make it more naughty, you can be sure that sweet princess wont be satisfie untill she enjoy and taste all part of her fairy friend body. Rosalina outfit is also really sexy, Lunakiri sure know about my lingerie fetish and was powerfull see those anti-gravity star heels, just so bad it’s a little hidden from the link but I still enjoy so much that detail.
This year wasn’t friendly at all for Lunakiri and she actually do her best to be back but we must wait a little more for now. Actually you can enjoy her previous illustrations on Deviantart (here) or support on Patreon (here) were she’s still a bit active with some news and WIP about her upcoming illustrations. For this year she increased a lot level and if she continue in this way it will turn so incredible so don’t miss a chance discover about that sweet and talented artist… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 20$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#665- Pornstar Tinkerbell and trap Rosalina

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tinkerbell disney princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tinkerbell disney futa trap crossdress femboy

As I already said, I created a tumblr account to give more exposure to the project but looking at the site it seam my posts don’t appear on researches. Technically I selected the option to make posts appear in researches and add tags in all posts as you can see but nothing happen when I do a research. Does it show you something when you search with ‘Rosalinaxgirl‘ tag on tumblr? Anyway if you have some advices it’s nice too, maybe something I missed or it’s cause Nintendo control on tumblr to destroy all the NSFW content related to their characters. No fair T_T
Also the reward illustration for the patreon monthly raffle started, the illustration may come next week if everything fine, I’ll get the first sketch soon but must goes really fast with this illustration, stay tuned guys.


A new piece from that wonderfull (and particular) deal I have with DigitallyDeviant pairing Rosalina and Tinkerbell. But the original Tinkerbell that appear in the illustration isn’t from Disney movie itself but a porn movie parody that I discovered and it’s that girl I linked to DigitallyDeviant to be used a reference for this illustration, you can see some screens of the movie on this post and hope Tinkerbell looks so hot for you as for me.
Looking at backgrounds we are really far to a high budget movie and it’s kinda fun when then forgot add it on a scene as you can see in of screen but anyway the Tinkerbell actress was so freaking sexy. A ravishing actress with great dress and high heels, I wasn’t able to resist use her as ref for a duo with Tinkerbell and to make it even more powerfull as crazy I chosen DigitallyDeviant for that idea. °w°
According to my deal deal with DigitallyDeviant, I was posing as model for Rosalina pose, it’s were come the trap version but for those that are not into crossdress DigitallyDeviant also made a female version that I have to assume it’s closer to the original Rosalina I dream about but as for the Tinkerbell actress, I want so much play that way with her (sweet dreams).
From the original idea, the only change I asked was to move Rosalina leg from the sofa to Tinkerbell back and then view the shoe (high heels addiction), anyway as if the final piece can look sketchy at some point DigitallyDeviant worked really hard on it. It’s always frustrating to see people that can judge only from the artist level thinking a piece like this can be done in half an hour (far from reality). All artists need to start a day and what they need at this time is support and constructive feedback (hard on my side when it involve Rosalina but whatever). So don’t hesitate tell your opinion and for more you can enjoy all Rosalina drew by DigitallyDeviant here or visit his own page on hentaifoundry here.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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#237 – Disney fairies – Periwinkle

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian disney fairies periwinkle
I always write posts before go bed so I’m always so tired and when sometimes I take the time take a look at the blog and read what I wrote… So scary… There is a lot of errors and mistakes so I fix it but it’s generally too late… My english level is not great though really better than when I started the blog (yeah, really better) but must continue improve it… I’m just curious I never receive comment or feedback about my posts… Guys, when you see something bad don’t hesitate let me a little comment and an english lesson… It must be really helpfull… ^^

So for this new drawing, I gone with my little sister see the new Tinkerbell movie (that’s not a problem, I love Tinkerbell, she’s one of my favorite character). The movie was great and there is some new characters I must show with Rosalina… The first is Periwincle, Tinkerbell’s sister (they are twins in fact) and finally it’s MsMuffin123 who did it as commission… Hope you like the result guys… ^^

Periwincle is a really innocent character, more than Tinkerbell I think so I asked to MsMuffin123 to show Periwinkle really surprised, after all it’s like it’s the first time she have sex so of course Rosalina with a pervert face and Periwinkle discovering how it’s powerfull do it with a girl… XD

MsMuffin123 did an awesome job, at start her deviantart gallery was only graphite pencil art so I was a little septicous about a colored drawing… But the result is great and I love the result… Just a little sad about Rosalina hair style because I missed in the sketch than MsMuffin123 didn’t place hair covering Rosalina’s right eye but like Rosalina position, it’s better like this than add more hair covering all her face…

Other bad thing, because postal fee I can’t ask for the original drawing, I love traditional art because it’s really more powerfull, after all you don’t have “ctrl + z” so only one chance and at the end there is an original, the true version than you can’t copy in rule34… But too expensive… Bwaaaa… T_T

New wishlisted girl: Virgo from Fairy Tail

#042 – Disney – Tinkerbell 02

I say it in the Rosalina x Stella Drawing, I love fairies and this request was a really nice surprise, it’s the artist who choose the character to show with Rosalina and it’s Tinkerbell… How nice… Thanks so much to joepee89 for his/her kindness and this awesome drawing (Gender: Other, not easy) … (^o^)/

So this drawing is the second with Tinkerbell… That’s funny because the artist choose to drawn Tinkerbell in her original size who play with Rosalina pussy but I don”t think if a “giant tinkerbell” at the same size as Rosalina can be interesting… Hummm…

So if you are curious, there is the second tinkerbell drawing, click here… what your favorite?

Artist: Joepee89  /  Price:Request

#040 – Disney – Tinkerbell


First Disney character in the blog… Rosalina meet Tinkerbell. Her first apparition was in Peter Pan but now, she have her own movie with her name… How nice… Tinkerbell is my favorite disney character, she’s really cute… And she’s with Rosalina… (^o^)/

So the artist is RandomAustralian I don”t say if yo remember but it’s the second pic he make for me, the first was Rosalina with Ruto from Zelda…Thanks so much to the artist and his kindness because at start it was a second request… To drawings for free, it’s incredible but let the artist with empty hand is not good for me so I send him some money with paypal… I say it’s not a lot… But nothing must be really bad after two beautifull drawings…

Artist quote: “This is also the pic that broke my paid-art virginity. Just $10, but it’s a start. :)”

Artist: RandomAustralian  /  Price: 10$