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#237 – Disney fairies – Periwinkle

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I always write posts before go bed so I’m always so tired and when sometimes I take the time take a look at the blog and read what I wrote… So scary… There is a lot of errors and mistakes so I fix it but it’s generally too late… My english level is not great though really better than when I started the blog (yeah, really better) but must continue improve it… I’m just curious I never receive comment or feedback about my posts… Guys, when you see something bad don’t hesitate let me a little comment and an english lesson… It must be really helpfull… ^^

So for this new drawing, I gone with my little sister see the new Tinkerbell movie (that’s not a problem, I love Tinkerbell, she’s one of my favorite character). The movie was great and there is some new characters I must show with Rosalina… The first is Periwincle, Tinkerbell’s sister (they are twins in fact) and finally it’s MsMuffin123 who did it as commission… Hope you like the result guys… ^^

Periwincle is a really innocent character, more than Tinkerbell I think so I asked to MsMuffin123 to show Periwinkle really surprised, after all it’s like it’s the first time she have sex so of course Rosalina with a pervert face and Periwinkle discovering how it’s powerfull do it with a girl… XD

MsMuffin123 did an awesome job, at start her deviantart gallery was only graphite pencil art so I was a little septicous about a colored drawing… But the result is great and I love the result… Just a little sad about Rosalina hair style because I missed in the sketch than MsMuffin123 didn’t place hair covering Rosalina’s right eye but like Rosalina position, it’s better like this than add more hair covering all her face…

Other bad thing, because postal fee I can’t ask for the original drawing, I love traditional art because it’s really more powerfull, after all you don’t have “ctrl + z” so only one chance and at the end there is an original, the true version than you can’t copy in rule34… But too expensive… Bwaaaa… T_T

New wishlisted girl: Virgo from Fairy Tail