#042 – Disney – Tinkerbell 02

I say it in the Rosalina x Stella Drawing, I love fairies and this request was a really nice surprise, it’s the artist who choose the character to show with Rosalina and it’s Tinkerbell… How nice… Thanks so much to joepee89 for his/her kindness and this awesome drawing (Gender: Other, not easy) … (^o^)/

So this drawing is the second with Tinkerbell… That’s funny because the artist choose to drawn Tinkerbell in her original size who play with Rosalina pussy but I don”t think if a “giant tinkerbell” at the same size as Rosalina can be interesting… Hummm…

So if you are curious, there is the second tinkerbell drawing, click here… what your favorite?

Artist: Joepee89  /  Price:Request

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