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#892 – Sweet Reindeer princess

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I’m sorry for the blank time, I caught the flu this week (and a pretty bad one). On Wednesday I was meh so considered make the post the next day after some rest but Thursday was worse and absolute nightmare. Still sick today but it’s little better and I don’t want make you wait more for an update so here you go… ^^
Christmas soon, I already have all presents ready since a month but on the wrapping side I must admit it’s more procrastination. I hope it’s going well on your side if you have stuff to prepare for Christmas and new year guys… °o°


And it can’t be a perfect Christmas without a dedicated illustration on the project, this one is from a YCH (Your Character Here) auction made by VenusErotica, I really like this artist and was a way finally get something by her. Also had the chance don’t get people fighting me with the bid so it didn’t destroyed the budget (too much) but be sure people are really more ferocious when VenusErotica do YCH with tentacles involved. And that’s not fun cause I want one too but can never follow at this price… Bwaaaa…. T_T
Once I won the auction, I didn’t need to say much since VenusErotica already “figured it would be Rosalina and could do to make the piece more.. Rosalina-themed” then was fine to make some changes to make the costume fit Rosalina better. Then on the first wip I received there was ton of little details linked to Rosalina as the stars on lingerie, the coffee cup and even this small Luma decoration the the headband. As lingerie addict I would have hopped for some lace on Rosalina chest but I know about the rules of a YCH so I’m fine with the way it’s going, also I know VenusErotica will do her best to make the result gorgeous… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Looking at the final illustration, I appreciate VenusErotica efforts on both outfit and background also the best as me is many discrete details so it’s only when you really know about Rosalina or take the time look at the illustration that you can notice them so it’s pretty much a lovely reward to people that take time admire the illustration. And talking about details, it’s just now that I notice the coffee cup I liked from the wip disappeared. I was trapped at the last second but not a big deal since Rosalina is still here and looks gorgeous (And sure would have noticed if Rosalina was missing)… ^^’

Artist: VenusErotica / 40$ YCH auction
Weasyl: www.weasyl.com/~venuserotica
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/venuserotica
FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/venuserotica
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/VenusErotica/profile
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#689 – Christmas meet new year


2017 come with all my wishes of happiness and a huge thanks to all that contributed to the project and help it continue exist. There is also some changes planned my side since it goes hard with time and a huge edit on the wishlist page, there is now a gallery then you can discover about characters that you never heard about, more effective than just a name so don’t miss have a look at the wishlist page here… ^^
There is also a publicity pop-up at your first connection, Maybe from 0.01$ a month I’ll be able move at 0.1$ but I’m still far to 1$ a week I got with google adsence without any intrusive ads. You can support the project on patreon for exclusive rewards and enter the monthly raffle… And one more time, Happy new year… \(^o^)/


I can’t deny it’s a bit crazy to celebrate new year with a Christmas pin-up but I received this one from Lonely-Cartoonist just before finish the previous post and I wont told him to wait a year until I can publish it in time so let’s have a bit more Christmas sweetie to enjoy 2017. Lonely-Cartoonist promised me he will work on a sweet piece for Christmas and he did it (better later than never after all)… ^__^
Really love that illustration, Lonely-Cartoonist still have to improve his style but can already create ravishing illustrations. Rosalina so lovely and adorable with this santa suit and the sexy touch from high heels is so powerfull, also we can imagine she have a sweet lingerie set under her suit that work with her shoes to add a spicy touch as if I’m sure Lonely-Cartoonist never planned that option while drawing it… ^^’
Thanks so much for your support and kindness Lonely-Cartoonist, also guys if you take a look at his Deviantart’s gallery you’ll be able to find another Rosalina he drew and that will come later in the blog and at this time why not drop him a little comment with support and nice wishes to start this new year… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lonely-Cartoonist / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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#687 – Meiko celebrate Christmas

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian prison school meiko shiraki christmas domination submission submissive princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian prison school meiko shiraki christmas domination submission submissive

With Christmas coming this week-end this one must be the only post for this week unless I get another Christmas related piece to show you then you can see all already published here. Better post that way than make a big post with everything since that way I was able make a full post for each illustration and artists as they deserve and on your side you can see the content earlier… ^^
Will be a really busy week busy preparing Christmas presents and also helping my dress maker with some volunteer work to message his clients for holidays wishes. I found him when needed someone to help me create Rosalina’s gymnastic suit for a new cosplay and he deserve supports as all artists and people that helped me with the Rosalina x Girl project.. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Here is a new illustration created by B-side7715 that you discovered with a sweet duo where Rosalina met Cynthia playing together in some pokemon costumes (see it here). A kinky duo as December patreon raffle reward with Christmas theme that Chris won and was able ask anything he want as long it suit the project and B-side7715‘s commission rules… °w°
Finally Chris’s idea was ‘Rosalina in a sexy elf outfit with Meiko shiraki in a sexy Crause Outfit‘, must admit I wasn’t sure what is a crause outfit (maybe typo error) so I asked for refs for until let B-side7715 start this illustration. The first sketch that you can see on the left was really cool, a dominatrix pose that we see a bit too much with Meiko but suit her so perfectly. The angle was also powerfull with a nice view on Rosalina face, Meiko bottom part. The sketch also mean some high heels as I love so much and that can also be a great training on shoes for B-side7715.
During the creation and coloring procress (patreon members have a special WIP) I asked some edits to B-side7715 like a minor correction on shoe straps that were asymmetrical and give Rosalina her star earrings to recognize her easily. For the background there was so many possibilities, I made some suggestions and B-side7715 keep the one with the situation in a prison cell with some Christmas decorations.
B-side7715 made an excellent background with cell bars shadows that make it even more realistic, then I must admit I asked him if he can cheat on that part removing shadows from Rosalina to have a better look to that so ravishing and innocent princess face. He finally made this as last edit (thanks so much) but since the original is also more right and interesting I decided publish both versions B-side7715 made. Which one is your fav?
Great new for Meiko fans, there is 3 more illustrations with her that came for the project in a really close time so next year have great surprises. Anyway, for now I hope you like this actual versions and B-side7715‘s style, there is also some more Rosalina art planned by him and you can also have a look at his Deviantart gallery that is regularly updated with so ravishing ladies. In all places linked below, you can enjoy B-side7715‘s work, give some support or let him make your dream come true with a commission… Your choice… ~__^

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#686 – Christmas show for Krampus

Traditional art is really powerfull, wont say so much since it can offend digital artists (really) but when you get the original that no one will be able to copy/paste it’s kinda magic. The only problem is the only place I can scan them is at work and when you need to scan this kind of illustration you sure must be really prudent.
Also since quiet at job I spend some time on phone with games trying to complete all google trophies, if you know some that can be easily completed then don’t hesitate share them in a comment… ^^


There is an artist that we didn’t hear about since June 2015 and is now back, celebrating Christmas again with a new illustration by theFloppyBunny. There was a project named ‘Anti-Klaus Calendar‘ with 24 themes (that you can find here), everybody was able choose a theme open and suggest an idea. For sure all the best and more exciting were already taken, I finally chosen the 12th: Bells and asked theFloppyBunny for Rosalina and a Reindeer girl with the bells on both ladies outfits. I hope you like it guys.
The little problem was according the the even rules, Krampus had to be here and you can imagine it’s not good for a yuri project but he was the main theme since theFloppyBunny is totally addicted to this horror character. So I asked Rosalina and a reindeer girl having some fun together then Krampus is on the back enjoying the sensual show. For sure when you imagine what can happen next it’s logical to have Krampus join getting pleasured by this horny couple and enjoying those warm pussies. Can’t deny that idea sounds exciting but a bit frustrating, anyway, I sure love so much this piece theFloppyBunny created. Thanks sooo much… \(^o^)/
About Krampus, he’s a horned, anthropomorphic folklore figure described as ‘half-goat, half-demon’, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. There was also a Krampus movie that you can be sure theFloppyBunny was really excited to see cause ‘its just a run of the mill horror but still…KRAMPUS!‘.
I really love this illustration, Rosalina is so hot as reindeer especially with some lingerie and high heels. Also a lot of details on the reindeer girl and it’s not that easy manage fur on traditional so I’m amazed how theFloppyBunny colored it so nicely. Lot of details as bells everywhere and some more cute as the ribbons on reindeer’s tail and arm. Also those ribbons have a sweet blue color like they are from Rosalina who putted her on her sweet friend then you can imagine some sensual foreplay while putting those sexy outfits… °w°
Once she was back to deviantart, theFloppyBunny offered me to send the original after made the illustrations (that will come on the blog soon) and I received a nice batch of illustration with some wonderfull and freaking pieces. Until I publish them on the project I suggest you have a look at theFloppyBunny’s profile to discover about her art giving her a follow and support for some motivation to draw again

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#685 – Starting Christmas with Tinkerbell

I’m curious how wordpress manage posts ID, as example the last with Cynthia is #3500 and the next I made with Poppy is #3507, I was wondering if the illustrations add also count but it don’t work in general so still wonder what make ID increase so much for each posts. If someone know about WordPress, it must be powerfull.
About the last con, as if I’m so proud of my cosplay ready to catch a cold being Rosalina for a day I must admit the tennis version didn’t have a huge effect. I know the crossplay have something to do and after all it’s not a badass, impressive or sexy cosplay as people as looking for but whatever, guess better be back to the original dress that have a more princess look… U_u


December is here and I guess it’s time to start with Christmas illustrations, anyway instead of a huge post at Christmas I’ll post them one by one starting earlier for multiple reasons. Starting with Rosalina and Tinkerbell drew by Lunakiri there is like a year, I came a bit late with this duo request and the illustration was done in April so I decided keep it in a corner until Christmas. Thinking at it again I’m not sure it was the best way have Lunakiri wait that much to publish her illustration, also since a year she really increased her level as you can see on the illustration in the right.
Love that lovely and a bit exentric fairy and being at Disneyland Paris last year I saw Tinkerbell with this red outfit during the Christmas parade but at a place we can hardly see her. Maybe it’s from this frustration that I asked Lunakiri to draw her like this with Rosalina. Since the resultat is pretty naughty I wont show about the original model that sure she was so ravishing. As if it’s the 5th duo with Tinkerbell for the blog, it’s always so magic see both together and have one more piece by Lunakiri… \(^o^)/
Now you know about the origin of this duo and Tinkerbell suit, the pose and Rosalina outfit were up to Lunakiri that goes with breast plays that goes sensual on a way with Tinkerbell expression but on other side Rosalina expression make it more naughty, you can be sure that sweet princess wont be satisfie untill she enjoy and taste all part of her fairy friend body. Rosalina outfit is also really sexy, Lunakiri sure know about my lingerie fetish and was powerfull see those anti-gravity star heels, just so bad it’s a little hidden from the link but I still enjoy so much that detail.
This year wasn’t friendly at all for Lunakiri and she actually do her best to be back but we must wait a little more for now. Actually you can enjoy her previous illustrations on Deviantart (here) or support on Patreon (here) were she’s still a bit active with some news and WIP about her upcoming illustrations. For this year she increased a lot level and if she continue in this way it will turn so incredible so don’t miss a chance discover about that sweet and talented artist… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 20$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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