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#686 – Christmas show for Krampus

Traditional art is really powerfull, wont say so much since it can offend digital artists (really) but when you get the original that no one will be able to copy/paste it’s kinda magic. The only problem is the only place I can scan them is at work and when you need to scan this kind of illustration you sure must be really prudent.
Also since quiet at job I spend some time on phone with games trying to complete all google trophies, if you know some that can be easily completed then don’t hesitate share them in a comment… ^^


There is an artist that we didn’t hear about since June 2015 and is now back, celebrating Christmas again with a new illustration by theFloppyBunny. There was a project named ‘Anti-Klaus Calendar‘ with 24 themes (that you can find here), everybody was able choose a theme open and suggest an idea. For sure all the best and more exciting were already taken, I finally chosen the 12th: Bells and asked theFloppyBunny for Rosalina and a Reindeer girl with the bells on both ladies outfits. I hope you like it guys.
The little problem was according the the even rules, Krampus had to be here and you can imagine it’s not good for a yuri project but he was the main theme since theFloppyBunny is totally addicted to this horror character. So I asked Rosalina and a reindeer girl having some fun together then Krampus is on the back enjoying the sensual show. For sure when you imagine what can happen next it’s logical to have Krampus join getting pleasured by this horny couple and enjoying those warm pussies. Can’t deny that idea sounds exciting but a bit frustrating, anyway, I sure love so much this piece theFloppyBunny created. Thanks sooo much… \(^o^)/
About Krampus, he’s a horned, anthropomorphic folklore figure described as ‘half-goat, half-demon’, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. There was also a Krampus movie that you can be sure theFloppyBunny was really excited to see cause ‘its just a run of the mill horror but still…KRAMPUS!‘.
I really love this illustration, Rosalina is so hot as reindeer especially with some lingerie and high heels. Also a lot of details on the reindeer girl and it’s not that easy manage fur on traditional so I’m amazed how theFloppyBunny colored it so nicely. Lot of details as bells everywhere and some more cute as the ribbons on reindeer’s tail and arm. Also those ribbons have a sweet blue color like they are from Rosalina who putted her on her sweet friend then you can imagine some sensual foreplay while putting those sexy outfits… °w°
Once she was back to deviantart, theFloppyBunny offered me to send the original after made the illustrations (that will come on the blog soon) and I received a nice batch of illustration with some wonderfull and freaking pieces. Until I publish them on the project I suggest you have a look at theFloppyBunny’s profile to discover about her art giving her a follow and support for some motivation to draw again

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