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#753 – Mermaid powerup

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After 5 years doing Rosalina cosplay, the wig really needed a serious redo and cause Rosalina hairstyle is so badass and complex as I’m bad with hairdressing I asked a cosplayer friend give me a hand. She did an excellent job and I’ll get the wig back soon but what surprised me from the photos I got the see the progress is the colour difference depending the light, it’s same wig on all photos… O_o
All you see on the right are photos made the same day of the same wig and if move from platinum blonde to a dark orange, I thought my wig died seeing this one. Make me think I must see what kind of light and environments will be the best to take photos and have a great colour. Outdoor sounds the more logic but it deserves some testes first… ^__^


An artist back after and continue surprised us, after a sexy duo with the pokemon Lickilicky and even more naughty with Krampus, TheFloppyBunny drew Rosalina as mermaid and allowed me share it to you (how powerfull). Remember me some old memories with a man named Gallant obsessed but Rosalina as mermaid and that even consider that wonderfull princess as his own property (really). His D.A. account was deleted long ago and he now run a youtube channel with low popularity but whatever, let’s forget about him and just enjoy TheFloppyBunny power here… Oh yeah… °w°
So much existing in Mario universe and coming with time so maybe a day we’ll see a new mermaid power-up for special water level. See Rosalina swim elegantly under the water would be so marvellous and this idea of a little star bikini give it even more interest for a combo into cuteness and sexiness no one will resist (even Nintendo developers). I didn’t had more infos about this illustration just getting the surprise to see it when done but make me think I forgot to ask TheFloppyBunny why this idea and illustration. A touch of mystery that wont prevent us like this ravishing piece anyway and I hope you also like it guys… ^^
I’m sorry that I can’t actually links actives places where is TheFloppyBunny, she had to be in hiatus since she took a break from pervy art since February 2017 not enjoying drawing that kind of stuff anymore. You can see she’s a little active with this new illustration and recently told me ‘I am in the process of getting back into adult art actually […] a patreon account‘. I’ll keep you in touch when more info but for now you still have her old places linked below to see her old art.

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#686 – Christmas show for Krampus

Traditional art is really powerfull, wont say so much since it can offend digital artists (really) but when you get the original that no one will be able to copy/paste it’s kinda magic. The only problem is the only place I can scan them is at work and when you need to scan this kind of illustration you sure must be really prudent.
Also since quiet at job I spend some time on phone with games trying to complete all google trophies, if you know some that can be easily completed then don’t hesitate share them in a comment… ^^


There is an artist that we didn’t hear about since June 2015 and is now back, celebrating Christmas again with a new illustration by theFloppyBunny. There was a project named ‘Anti-Klaus Calendar‘ with 24 themes (that you can find here), everybody was able choose a theme open and suggest an idea. For sure all the best and more exciting were already taken, I finally chosen the 12th: Bells and asked theFloppyBunny for Rosalina and a Reindeer girl with the bells on both ladies outfits. I hope you like it guys.
The little problem was according the the even rules, Krampus had to be here and you can imagine it’s not good for a yuri project but he was the main theme since theFloppyBunny is totally addicted to this horror character. So I asked Rosalina and a reindeer girl having some fun together then Krampus is on the back enjoying the sensual show. For sure when you imagine what can happen next it’s logical to have Krampus join getting pleasured by this horny couple and enjoying those warm pussies. Can’t deny that idea sounds exciting but a bit frustrating, anyway, I sure love so much this piece theFloppyBunny created. Thanks sooo much… \(^o^)/
About Krampus, he’s a horned, anthropomorphic folklore figure described as ‘half-goat, half-demon’, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. There was also a Krampus movie that you can be sure theFloppyBunny was really excited to see cause ‘its just a run of the mill horror but still…KRAMPUS!‘.
I really love this illustration, Rosalina is so hot as reindeer especially with some lingerie and high heels. Also a lot of details on the reindeer girl and it’s not that easy manage fur on traditional so I’m amazed how theFloppyBunny colored it so nicely. Lot of details as bells everywhere and some more cute as the ribbons on reindeer’s tail and arm. Also those ribbons have a sweet blue color like they are from Rosalina who putted her on her sweet friend then you can imagine some sensual foreplay while putting those sexy outfits… °w°
Once she was back to deviantart, theFloppyBunny offered me to send the original after made the illustrations (that will come on the blog soon) and I received a nice batch of illustration with some wonderfull and freaking pieces. Until I publish them on the project I suggest you have a look at theFloppyBunny’s profile to discover about her art giving her a follow and support for some motivation to draw again

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#596 – Lickilicky skilled tongue

Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai messy Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai messy

Really hard to find artists this time, for sure some awesome pieces on the queued so stay turned but at this time most of them are solo illustration. As me the more important is Rosalina so it’s always so powerfull get more of the so incredible and ravishing princess but for a yuri project will be hard get her meet new ladies, especially since the idea is to make people find about Rosalina looks at fanarts of those other girls.
596th illustration today, as you can see the 600th is really close but must admit don’t have celebration piece. Thinking at it a little late and can’t find any good idea so instead of miracle I’ll think at it for the next step…


After a long night of pleasure, that kinky lickitung by Zyvo on the right (or click here for the full post) had to go back with her trainer but never forget about her awesome friend. After battles and training, she evolved into Lickilicky and decided to meet again that sweet princess to show her new skills and abilities. An awesome duo made by the lovely theFloppyBunny that won’t stop amaze me with her style and kindness, also admit her pervert mind and ideas are so cool… °w°
This new illustration is a commission, after some bondage and sexy auctions I wanted her to work on a duo for the project. Don’t remember how it moved to this decision but theFloppyBunny wanted to take part to theFloppyBunny project pairing Rosalina with Lickilicky. Referring the original pokemon it was a huge challenge to turn this one into sexy anthro but she was able do it and the result is so cool… °o°

After a long night of pleasure, that kinky lickitung by Zyvo on the right (As you can see on the first sketch theFloppyBunny send me, we clearly see about the pose and love that close-up on Rosalina ass, it’s really hard to figure a pose that have great action and also nice view on all character without head a part of the face or body, especially when goes the action so a close-up is the perfect alternative. Enjoying Rosalina sweet face and body without that pose without lost about the fun and hot part. It wasn’t easy to imagine about a sexy Lickilicky on the sketch but I know theFloppyBunny was confident with it and like her art it must turn really powerfull.
There is 3 versions depending your tastes, I love both messy piece and as lingerie lover the panty one is also damn exciting, you can also see theFloppyBunny made Lickilicky hand different depending the panty/naked version with a finger sliding into Rosalina pussy. Not a huge but really interesting detail that make it even more kinky and intense for Rosalina. Also feel free to visit theFloppyBunny profile for more art and why not take part to her YCH auctions or ask for a commission. She’s kinda cheap and always do her best.

Artist: theFloppyBunny  /  Cost: 25$

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#589 – Offering her body to the pipe

I’ll have to think about it sooner preparing the next artist of the month that you can see on right windget or on this page, for January I decide to feature. Forthis month I chosen theFloppyBunny that I recently discovered but really deserve it. She’s really kind and not so famous that you can with her YCH auction so cheap that it sounds unfair but she always do her best working on them and the result is so powerfull.
Also want to thanks my actual patreon member, I hope more of you will join in the future and discover all that bonus inside. For each post on the blog there is one on the RosalinaxGirl Patreon with some secret and exclusive content. Also a raffle for 5$ tier and January winner asked Rosalina and Poison, stay turned… °w°


After some strict bondage (you can see more about it clicking on the pic on the right), there is another auction by theFloppyBunny I won and for sure it had to be Rosalina. Like the original pose it was focused on booty and do’nt have that kind of pose and view for Rosalina so was really interesting had that kind of illustration for my project, as if solo Rosalina must look so damn sexy like this.
The pose was already choose but I was able to decide about clothing so it had to be some sweet lingerie and those high heels I love so much. Also asked theFloppyBunny for of tentacle from a piranha plant, like Rosalina standing on a pipe offering her body to that kinky plant to get some sensual touches and fun in exchange… °w°

Once again theFloppyBunny was so amazing and love the result, you have a version with green and one with purple tentacles as you prefer. Also love how turn the lingerie and I’ll definitly continue ask those high heels for Rosalina, they were made for that wonderfull princess. More from theFloppyBunny will come and look at her gallery, there is some YCH that you can win for 3$ so hurry before my budget get ready, there is some perfect and so damn kinky poses here.

Artist: theFloppyBunny / Cost: 5$ (Auction)

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#529 – Time for strict bondage

I think I’m cursed with followers on the blog, I had 50, moved to 49, back to 50 and now it finally go back to 49 followers again. At last follower isn’t the more important things, since there is some prople who visit and enjoy the blog it’s fine with me but feel bo bad comments are so rare, that’s always cool to have some nice commetns, interesting feedback or a little conversation. It makes the blog more active and interesting to manage… ^^
Also long time without ew illustration on the Bonus page and I fixed that poins with a piece from the wonderfull Supersanson, feel free to take a look if you are curious (I know you are).


This illustration was from a “Your Character Here” auction I won from the realy kind theFloppyBunny, now I think I can named it “My Rosalina Here” (sorry, bad joke). She opened bids for 3 poses; “Sexy“, “Bootyful water” and “Strict bondage“, it’s the last one that I really loved, the pose and view with bondage touch were excellent, Rosalina would looks so damn sexy like this and this high heels was a powerfull final touch. After a little fight with another DeviantARt member I won this pose for 10$ and had a boubt since the two other ended at 3$ but really wanted that pose and theFloppyBunny made a wonderfull job sO I’m really happy with the result… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
You can see on the right theFloppyBunny‘s sketch for the YCH and must admit it’s tempting, I was so excited thinking at Rosalina like this. After that I had to choice into panty or not, hard challenge but finally theFloppyBunny proposed to make both versions and I just asked her to remove the star medallion from her chest (important detail I agree but don’t look so good on the bondage) and to make the dress transparent on her breasts. Yeah, those sounds kinda perfect but I love transparent clothes as for lingerie and like the pose it’s to late to think about soft… Mwahahaha…
So expecting two illsutration from theFloppyBunny (panty/pantyless) I finally receive a powerfull series with 6 illustrations, A nice toy and some wet version, for sure I was amazed by the result and feel so happy show them on the blog, make the table to order all illustration was kinda hard but like the seriestheFloppyBunny made, she deserve a wonderfull post… Oh yeah… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/
I hope you like this illustration guys, once again thanks so much and congrat to theFloppyBunny, for sure there must be more from here on the blog in the future cause she deserve it and if you are interested feel free to commission her too. From sweet and cute pin-up at 15$ for a trio orgy at 30$ (+5$ per character) she’s ready to make your dreams and fetishes come true. You can also visit her gallery (here) to enjoy her art.

Artist: theFloppyBunny  /  Cost: 10$ (Auction)

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