#589 – Offering her body to the pipe

I’ll have to think about it sooner preparing the next artist of the month that you can see on right windget or on this page, for January I decide to feature. Forthis month I chosen theFloppyBunny that I recently discovered but really deserve it. She’s really kind and not so famous that you can with her YCH auction so cheap that it sounds unfair but she always do her best working on them and the result is so powerfull.
Also want to thanks my actual patreon member, I hope more of you will join in the future and discover all that bonus inside. For each post on the blog there is one on the RosalinaxGirl Patreon with some secret and exclusive content. Also a raffle for 5$ tier and January winner asked Rosalina and Poison, stay turned… °w°


After some strict bondage (you can see more about it clicking on the pic on the right), there is another auction by theFloppyBunny I won and for sure it had to be Rosalina. Like the original pose it was focused on booty and do’nt have that kind of pose and view for Rosalina so was really interesting had that kind of illustration for my project, as if solo Rosalina must look so damn sexy like this.
The pose was already choose but I was able to decide about clothing so it had to be some sweet lingerie and those high heels I love so much. Also asked theFloppyBunny for of tentacle from a piranha plant, like Rosalina standing on a pipe offering her body to that kinky plant to get some sensual touches and fun in exchange… °w°

Once again theFloppyBunny was so amazing and love the result, you have a version with green and one with purple tentacles as you prefer. Also love how turn the lingerie and I’ll definitly continue ask those high heels for Rosalina, they were made for that wonderfull princess. More from theFloppyBunny will come and look at her gallery, there is some YCH that you can win for 3$ so hurry before my budget get ready, there is some perfect and so damn kinky poses here.

Artist: theFloppyBunny / Cost: 5$ (Auction)

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