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#596 – Lickilicky skilled tongue

Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai messy Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai messy

Really hard to find artists this time, for sure some awesome pieces on the queued so stay turned but at this time most of them are solo illustration. As me the more important is Rosalina so it’s always so powerfull get more of the so incredible and ravishing princess but for a yuri project will be hard get her meet new ladies, especially since the idea is to make people find about Rosalina looks at fanarts of those other girls.
596th illustration today, as you can see the 600th is really close but must admit don’t have celebration piece. Thinking at it a little late and can’t find any good idea so instead of miracle I’ll think at it for the next step…


After a long night of pleasure, that kinky lickitung by Zyvo on the right (or click here for the full post) had to go back with her trainer but never forget about her awesome friend. After battles and training, she evolved into Lickilicky and decided to meet again that sweet princess to show her new skills and abilities. An awesome duo made by the lovely theFloppyBunny that won’t stop amaze me with her style and kindness, also admit her pervert mind and ideas are so cool… °w°
This new illustration is a commission, after some bondage and sexy auctions I wanted her to work on a duo for the project. Don’t remember how it moved to this decision but theFloppyBunny wanted to take part to theFloppyBunny project pairing Rosalina with Lickilicky. Referring the original pokemon it was a huge challenge to turn this one into sexy anthro but she was able do it and the result is so cool… °o°

After a long night of pleasure, that kinky lickitung by Zyvo on the right (As you can see on the first sketch theFloppyBunny send me, we clearly see about the pose and love that close-up on Rosalina ass, it’s really hard to figure a pose that have great action and also nice view on all character without head a part of the face or body, especially when goes the action so a close-up is the perfect alternative. Enjoying Rosalina sweet face and body without that pose without lost about the fun and hot part. It wasn’t easy to imagine about a sexy Lickilicky on the sketch but I know theFloppyBunny was confident with it and like her art it must turn really powerfull.
There is 3 versions depending your tastes, I love both messy piece and as lingerie lover the panty one is also damn exciting, you can also see theFloppyBunny made Lickilicky hand different depending the panty/naked version with a finger sliding into Rosalina pussy. Not a huge but really interesting detail that make it even more kinky and intense for Rosalina. Also feel free to visit theFloppyBunny profile for more art and why not take part to her YCH auctions or ask for a commission. She’s kinda cheap and always do her best.

Artist: theFloppyBunny  /  Cost: 25$

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