#753 – Mermaid powerup

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After 5 years doing Rosalina cosplay, the wig really needed a serious redo and cause Rosalina hairstyle is so badass and complex as I’m bad with hairdressing I asked a cosplayer friend give me a hand. She did an excellent job and I’ll get the wig back soon but what surprised me from the photos I got the see the progress is the colour difference depending the light, it’s same wig on all photos… O_o
All you see on the right are photos made the same day of the same wig and if move from platinum blonde to a dark orange, I thought my wig died seeing this one. Make me think I must see what kind of light and environments will be the best to take photos and have a great colour. Outdoor sounds the more logic but it deserves some testes first… ^__^


An artist back after and continue surprised us, after a sexy duo with the pokemon Lickilicky and even more naughty with Krampus, TheFloppyBunny drew Rosalina as mermaid and allowed me share it to you (how powerfull). Remember me some old memories with a man named Gallant obsessed but Rosalina as mermaid and that even consider that wonderfull princess as his own property (really). His D.A. account was deleted long ago and he now run a youtube channel with low popularity but whatever, let’s forget about him and just enjoy TheFloppyBunny power here… Oh yeah… °w°
So much existing in Mario universe and coming with time so maybe a day we’ll see a new mermaid power-up for special water level. See Rosalina swim elegantly under the water would be so marvellous and this idea of a little star bikini give it even more interest for a combo into cuteness and sexiness no one will resist (even Nintendo developers). I didn’t had more infos about this illustration just getting the surprise to see it when done but make me think I forgot to ask TheFloppyBunny why this idea and illustration. A touch of mystery that wont prevent us like this ravishing piece anyway and I hope you also like it guys… ^^
I’m sorry that I can’t actually links actives places where is TheFloppyBunny, she had to be in hiatus since she took a break from pervy art since February 2017 not enjoying drawing that kind of stuff anymore. You can see she’s a little active with this new illustration and recently told me ‘I am in the process of getting back into adult art actually […] a patreon account‘. I’ll keep you in touch when more info but for now you still have her old places linked below to see her old art.

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