#754 – Princess a la mode

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I got a message from tumble saying my account is now 4 years old, time going so fast and so much naughty ideas I wish to see Rosalina involved. Anyway it remind me that I have to announce I temporarily stop update tumblr and twitter, there is for sure a reason behind that decision but I can’t tell more for now… Sorry…
And about patreon raffles I’m happy cause already decided what artists will work on both September and October raffles, I keep some mystery here too but at last you can see I’m dedicated to keep the blog and patreon active for a looong time and hope see it move up on the Alexa ranking… °w°


Sometimes we buy expensive things that we never use and other time we can be so happy from really simple things, here I’m so proud how sounds the title decicated to this duo with Rosalina and Praline a la mode from Bravely Default made by the lovely JamilSC11. I get so much art from her lately that must learn new kind words to describe her or my posts will sounds a bit too much repetitive. Anyway this one came as special rewards when you buy two commissions, I don’t know if the offer is still available but JamilSC11 often do special deals so keep an eye on her page if you wish commission her and get a little bonus… ^__^
The Bravely Default dress had to be with solo chibi but this time JamilSC11 drew both Rosalina and Praline that is the boss you have to defeat to unlock Performer job for your team (sorry for spoiling). Being one of the cutest character of the series I’m really happy got a full duo that remember me the show with Rosalina and Samus (see the post here) also drew by JamilSC11 but this one the cuteness level reach a sooo high level… \(^o^)/
I really love how JamilSC11 managed so nicely to mix Praline dress and Rosalina spirit to turn the princess so ravishing in a dress that she totally could wear. Keeping her crown and shoes/thigh-high to be closer to her original design and adding her medallion design in every ribbons on hair, dress, microphone and even shoes. So much little details to manage on a traditional illustration and no doubt there was hours of work to make it, never forget how much efforts need art guys. °o°
For now there is a last illustration by JamilSC11 on the queued and planned for September. No doubt I wish to have more to show you but I’m mostly limited by the budget at this point. Anyway if you want to see more and meed an adorable artist just visit JamilSC11‘s pages, she really active on DeviantArt and lately goes fucking crazing posing League of Legends art on facebook at an insane rate so many WIP and ravishing shiny illustration waiting fot you guys… oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com
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