#687 – Meiko celebrate Christmas

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With Christmas coming this week-end this one must be the only post for this week unless I get another Christmas related piece to show you then you can see all already published here. Better post that way than make a big post with everything since that way I was able make a full post for each illustration and artists as they deserve and on your side you can see the content earlier… ^^
Will be a really busy week busy preparing Christmas presents and also helping my dress maker with some volunteer work to message his clients for holidays wishes. I found him when needed someone to help me create Rosalina’s gymnastic suit for a new cosplay and he deserve supports as all artists and people that helped me with the Rosalina x Girl project.. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Here is a new illustration created by B-side7715 that you discovered with a sweet duo where Rosalina met Cynthia playing together in some pokemon costumes (see it here). A kinky duo as December patreon raffle reward with Christmas theme that Chris won and was able ask anything he want as long it suit the project and B-side7715‘s commission rules… °w°
Finally Chris’s idea was ‘Rosalina in a sexy elf outfit with Meiko shiraki in a sexy Crause Outfit‘, must admit I wasn’t sure what is a crause outfit (maybe typo error) so I asked for refs for until let B-side7715 start this illustration. The first sketch that you can see on the left was really cool, a dominatrix pose that we see a bit too much with Meiko but suit her so perfectly. The angle was also powerfull with a nice view on Rosalina face, Meiko bottom part. The sketch also mean some high heels as I love so much and that can also be a great training on shoes for B-side7715.
During the creation and coloring procress (patreon members have a special WIP) I asked some edits to B-side7715 like a minor correction on shoe straps that were asymmetrical and give Rosalina her star earrings to recognize her easily. For the background there was so many possibilities, I made some suggestions and B-side7715 keep the one with the situation in a prison cell with some Christmas decorations.
B-side7715 made an excellent background with cell bars shadows that make it even more realistic, then I must admit I asked him if he can cheat on that part removing shadows from Rosalina to have a better look to that so ravishing and innocent princess face. He finally made this as last edit (thanks so much) but since the original is also more right and interesting I decided publish both versions B-side7715 made. Which one is your fav?
Great new for Meiko fans, there is 3 more illustrations with her that came for the project in a really close time so next year have great surprises. Anyway, for now I hope you like this actual versions and B-side7715‘s style, there is also some more Rosalina art planned by him and you can also have a look at his Deviantart gallery that is regularly updated with so ravishing ladies. In all places linked below, you can enjoy B-side7715‘s work, give some support or let him make your dream come true with a commission… Your choice… ~__^

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