#892 – Sweet Reindeer princess

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I’m sorry for the blank time, I caught the flu this week (and a pretty bad one). On Wednesday I was meh so considered make the post the next day after some rest but Thursday was worse and absolute nightmare. Still sick today but it’s little better and I don’t want make you wait more for an update so here you go… ^^
Christmas soon, I already have all presents ready since a month but on the wrapping side I must admit it’s more procrastination. I hope it’s going well on your side if you have stuff to prepare for Christmas and new year guys… °o°


And it can’t be a perfect Christmas without a dedicated illustration on the project, this one is from a YCH (Your Character Here) auction made by VenusErotica, I really like this artist and was a way finally get something by her. Also had the chance don’t get people fighting me with the bid so it didn’t destroyed the budget (too much) but be sure people are really more ferocious when VenusErotica do YCH with tentacles involved. And that’s not fun cause I want one too but can never follow at this price… Bwaaaa…. T_T
Once I won the auction, I didn’t need to say much since VenusErotica already “figured it would be Rosalina and could do to make the piece more.. Rosalina-themed” then was fine to make some changes to make the costume fit Rosalina better. Then on the first wip I received there was ton of little details linked to Rosalina as the stars on lingerie, the coffee cup and even this small Luma decoration the the headband. As lingerie addict I would have hopped for some lace on Rosalina chest but I know about the rules of a YCH so I’m fine with the way it’s going, also I know VenusErotica will do her best to make the result gorgeous… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Looking at the final illustration, I appreciate VenusErotica efforts on both outfit and background also the best as me is many discrete details so it’s only when you really know about Rosalina or take the time look at the illustration that you can notice them so it’s pretty much a lovely reward to people that take time admire the illustration. And talking about details, it’s just now that I notice the coffee cup I liked from the wip disappeared. I was trapped at the last second but not a big deal since Rosalina is still here and looks gorgeous (And sure would have noticed if Rosalina was missing)… ^^’

Artist: VenusErotica / 40$ YCH auction
Weasyl: www.weasyl.com/~venuserotica
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/venuserotica
FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/venuserotica
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/VenusErotica/profile
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