#690 – Rosalina Backview

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I noticed that illustrations don’t show in many old posts checking them from the Gallery page since I cleaned the alternative sizes that were generated while uploading to save some space. I fixed many posts but please tell me when you see a post with problem with a comment on this one then I can fix it ASAP… Thanks… ^^
You can also discover a new Artist of the monthartist of the month with the really nice and talented B-side7715. Must admit with th rate of edit it sound more like the ‘artist of quarter‘. Does I must change the name?


New illustration from DigitallyDeviant that I call ‘master‘ practically since a year and is now back with a new Rosalina piece, a bit sketchy but so kinky with as always a special version from our special deal. Talking about fetishes, DigitallyDeviant is addicted to that princess ass and my side I love high heels so that pose is sure really wonderfull. A focus on high heels and ass with expressive face, every part of the body caught our attention and that’s is a really powerfull point. °w°
During the creation process, DigitallyDeviant first made the trap version based on his model, then a female version and after that was back again working on trap one that finally got a background and some more shadows. I edited my side the female version to give it the same background color and don’t give extra work to DigitallyDeviant that already putted so much time and effort on this piece but since I didn’t have the photoshop file (and his skills), I just edited the general background.
Once again don’t expect see the original photo that was use for this illustration even if your a top tier patreon supporter but I hope you enjoy this new piece DigitallyDeviant made. If you are curious you can see all illustrations he created from this deal here and anyway, which version is your favorite guys?

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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