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#031 – One Piece – Marguerite

New request, and this time it’s a One Piece character, we don”t see her a lot in animes but she’s really beautifull, it’s Margerite, an Amazon girl by Ztlan a nice artist from HentaiFoundry. This drawing is a request so it’s not the better he does, Don”t hesitate to see his gallerie, she’s really interesting… ^^

What I can say about this drawing… It’s really hot and nice, that’s sure and just a precision, there is not cum… It’s saliva… After such the Dildo, what they can do?… Hummm… XD

I don”t say if you see an error in this drawing… No?… Roooh… Just look at Rosalina hairs, there are in front on the left Rosalina eye, and normaly it’s the Right… But thats not a big problem, the drawing is really nice, and that’s the best… (^o^)/

Artist: Ztlan  /  Price: Request