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#600th illustration and still ready for more

After 5 years and more than 580 posts the project reach his 600th illustration is this time I was able get an illustration to celebrate this. In fact decided about it a little late so congrats and thanks are for StormHippo who did an awesome job with short time. Some little troubles with the illustration but she was always so kind and ready to help me make it perfect, the result have some unexpected details but it’s a so wonderfull illustration. Thanks so much StormHippo and time to celebrate the 600th illustration of the Rosalina x Girl project… \(^o^)/
This one is the second Rosalina illustration StormHippo drew for me (for sure the other will be here soon too). As high heels lover I asked about my favorite pair on Rosalina and was amazed how they looked on the illustration. After that she offered me work on another commission focusing even more on heels like Rosalina sitting on a trone and the idea was so cool and I decided commission StormHippo to make it come true.
But for a yuri project it’s not so powerfull to show a solo piece to celebrate an important step like this one so I asked StormHippo to add a little friend to that so sexy mistress. From a little selection I made she decided to ‘draw boa full body with sexy suit and high heel‘. So Boa Hancock from One Piece join Rosalina for this special day and as you can see here, the party just begin, I hope you like it guys.
At first I asked StormHippo to put a banner on the background with the link of the blog and ‘700th illustration’ (had to correct with 600th on paint) and she missed that point on the final version. Finally I received a second version as you see it now and not really what I expected in fact but the idea is interesting. StormHippo used the banner of the site and watermark so is graphically it don’t suit so nice to the final piece those are important part of the site itself as a little memory. Also before the 700th StormHippo sure have many time to practice on banner (and high heels), must admit she need to improve her skills on perspective but her art already have that badass touch that turn it epic and must commission more Rosalina for sure. Also love how high heels turned, seem even more high and then even more sexy in that way… °w°

Artist: StormHippo / Cost: 10$

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