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#186 – One Piece – Kalifa

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When I see a message saying “your blog is great, I have an awesome collection“, I’m really happy, but so bad they are rare. Maybe this time it was much better and powerfull because after said he love my blog, Tallon writed “‘i’m gonna commission some off your wish list to help out the cause‘… Thanks soooo much Tallon…

So there is the first drawing Tallon requested to hikashy… I think a lot her know One Piece so not use to present Kalifa. Maybe I’m a huge fan of this anime, there is a lot of really beautiful (and sexy) characters and only have Rosalina with Marguerite after this one (see it here), so nice Rosalina meet a new girl from this awesome manga… (^o^)/

The drawing is really beautifull, Kalifa have the power to generate bubbles to “clean” the strength off her opponents (Soap Woman) so what else than a pretty sexy and romantic scene in the bathroom, I love blode girls so it’s an great combo and they are so exciting during this hot time, Rosalina face is really expressive, just a little detail I don’t really like: it’s Kalifa ear; she look a little to an elve like this… But like reference drawings I see the original character is like that… So hikashy did a great job, and me a bad remark… T_T

About hikashy, you must know he already participate to my blog (I fact that’s me who ask him commissions) but his style is really nice so if you are curious about its drawing with Rosalina there is Stella from Winx club and Ada Wong from Resident Evil who already meet Rosalina…

Funny detail, after publish it in deviantart, there is a guy who said to hikashy tht it’s can’t be his drawing but like the style it must be Radprofile who drew it… It was hard say to these person than it’s wrong, hikashy asked me to help me maybe it’s not a bad thing… If hikashy‘s stuff look to Radprofile one, so hikashy reach a great level… Hope he will drawing Rosalina again as gift for a good customer (why I’m saying that?)… XD

I finish with a huge thanks to Tallon for his support… I’m sorry I don’t have link or other to show you about him… I can just say you it’s Tallon… A great Tallon… ^^

Artist: Hikashy / Cost: 25$ (Gift by Tallon)
Deviantart: http://hikashy.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-hikashy.php

New wishlisted girls: Aika Sumeragi from Agent Aika

#169 – Resident Evil – Ada Wong

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian resident evil ada wong anal hikashy

It was a long time I don’t update the wishlist so I had a little idea, now every time I publish a new post I add a new girl too… Now I have to find new girls… So today I start with a curious girl, Miki from the 3DS mailbox… Just a Mii but pretty cute… Oh yeah… XD

I have a lot of pics drew as request in my blog but this time it’s a commission by hikashy… Maybe if you don”t remember it’s the second drawing he make for the blog, the first was Rosalina with Stella from Winx (see it here)… Two commissions, not because I’m rich but hikashy have a great style and propose a special price for two drawing… so why not… ^^

hikashy is a really nice and patient artist, not the same thing for me as commissioner, at start he suggest me 3 sketchs for this commission but no one really pick my interest so he had the kindness redraw something… And there is the result, enjoy it guys…

Maybe at start I was thinking to as hikashy something more soft for the other blog rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com, but finally, It’s a new hentai here… I think there is a lot of little perverts so you must prefer something like this…At start I wanted to show other sketchs hikashy made for this commission, there is nice ideas but if I remember, for the last commission hikashy say me he don’t want these publish so they are only for me… To bad… ;p

Artist: Hikashy / Price: 20$
New wishlisted girl: Nikki from Nintendo 3DS mailbox

#041 – Winx Club – Stella

It’s not a famous character but I really love fairies and Stella from winx club is really beautifull different to tinkerbell but really nice too… ^^

This was a commission by a really nice artist: hikashy who accept to make me a special price for two commission, so there is a second who must come soon, But for the moment, I need to raise a little my budget… Don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, It’s the more expensive artist I commissionned for this blog, but he have a really nice style… ^^

For this commission, the artist send me 3 really nice sketchs with Rosalina and Stella, it was really hard to choose… I show you the sketch, but the artist say I haven’t permission to show the 2 other… What a pitty, but it’s not the first time I hear that… Beautifull drawings and can’t show their… They will be alone in my computer… That so bad… T_T

For this blog, I asked a lot a drawings in hentaiFoundry and there is some peoples who start to be disgruntled (or jalous) and say ” This guy’s starting to get annoying “… If you want to see the comments, it’s here… Thanks for peoples who answer him… XD

I hope you will love this drawing and if you want to see more Winx club characters, I have a drawing with Bloom… Enjoy… ^^

Artist: Hikashy  /  Price: 20$