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#169 – Resident Evil – Ada Wong

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It was a long time I don’t update the wishlist so I had a little idea, now every time I publish a new post I add a new girl too… Now I have to find new girls… So today I start with a curious girl, Miki from the 3DS mailbox… Just a Mii but pretty cute… Oh yeah… XD

I have a lot of pics drew as request in my blog but this time it’s a commission by hikashy… Maybe if you don”t remember it’s the second drawing he make for the blog, the first was Rosalina with Stella from Winx (see it here)… Two commissions, not because I’m rich but hikashy have a great style and propose a special price for two drawing… so why not… ^^

hikashy is a really nice and patient artist, not the same thing for me as commissioner, at start he suggest me 3 sketchs for this commission but no one really pick my interest so he had the kindness redraw something… And there is the result, enjoy it guys…

Maybe at start I was thinking to as hikashy something more soft for the other blog rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com, but finally, It’s a new hentai here… I think there is a lot of little perverts so you must prefer something like this…At start I wanted to show other sketchs hikashy made for this commission, there is nice ideas but if I remember, for the last commission hikashy say me he don’t want these publish so they are only for me… To bad… ;p

Artist: Hikashy / Price: 20$
New wishlisted girl: Nikki from Nintendo 3DS mailbox