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#273 – Nintendo – Zelda – Link (seriously)

Did you noticed the banner on the right about the “Rosalina’s laboratory” project by Dmfo? for the moment it’s not the final page, I must think about the final version, I want to create a dynamic gallery but don’t know how do it for the moment. also I must correcte the banner, I forget the “Rosalina‘s laboratory”… the page of the pyjama party is in progress, I have some minor details to change and need to create the button… Be patient guys…

So today Rosalina have some fun with… Hum… Link!!!! What the fuck he doing in a yuri blog!!! O_o

This drawing is a gift by the awesome artist Ivstvs who decided to draw something for his 300th HentaiFoundry fan… And finally it’s me… Ivstvs said “So YOU are No. 300? Well… I guess then you’ll finally get that rosalina pic from me you once asked for…“. It was a really good new and like Ivstvs art you can expect I was really exciting to see the drawing but the result was really… surprising… You know… ^^

After Bowser who raped Rosalina it’s nice to see a little femdom… This time Rosalina have the power and look amazing, Love her latex boots and outfif… Now guys Link can told you than if you come here for a little fun with Rosalian she will kick your ass… Mwahahaha…

Other interesting detail, Ivstvs said ‘I though twinky Link is kinda female at all, so actually this a something 50% lesbian and stuff… you know…‘, sincerely I’m a little sceptical about a female Link but I must admit than I love the result. Thanks so much for your contribution Ivstvs… (^o^)/

Don”t hesitate to take a look to Ivstvs‘s gallery and also his Facebook page (see it here), there isn’t porn stuff but some amazing steampunky creations… guys… You must take a look, it’s sure the little pervert you are can love it too… ;p

Artist: Ivstvs / Cost: 0$ (300th fan gift)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ivstvs
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Ivstvs/profile

Added to wishlist: Kiruko-san from Novice policewoman Kiruko-san (see it here)