#198 – Skyward sword – Zelda

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Just see that I reached 150.000 views… Maybe just 25 followers for the moment, not sure it can be like the awesome AAAninja who reach more than 4.000 fan in hentaifoundry…. I agree… I agree… I’m not so powerfull… Bwaaaa… T_T

So in the previous comment, I said I hesitated into two drawing for the 200th in the blog so it’s now time to show you the other… An awesome drawing by blackcenturies asked as commission in colaboration with Navane also know as Luke (it was 50/50 for the price)… Maybe not sure I’ll ask again a drawing at this price; the result is great, of course but it’s a little to expensive for me… Maybe I tried… ^^

It’s Navane who sent me a message asking if I would be interested in chipping on a Rosalina commission with him and after suggest a lot of artist, it’s finally blackcenturies who win for his awesome style and correct price (maybe I didn’t expected we must add the background) but in this situation, it was interesting choose a more expensive artist, not with the little add on the blog (and nobody help my with click) than I can buy commissions at this price.

I’m sure you reconize these two girls… Rosalina (of course) having a happy time with princess zelda from skyward sword… The result is just awesome, it look really lovely, romantic and pretty sexy at the same time (yeah, I sure everybody notice Zelda’s hand… At start I was a little septic when Navane suggest me we must add a background (the price of course) but blackcenturies did something really incredible and detailled… Just awesome…

In fact I’m sad about one detail, the drawing is so beautifull but because the the sexy part, not sure I can add this one on the soft blog (rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com)… Maybe I asked to Navane than it must be something really soft… Bwaaaa… T_T

Artist: blackcenturies / Cost: 70$ (35$ paid by Navane)
Deviantart: www.blackcenturies.deviantart.com

New wishlisted girl: Original character Epona by Quaraci

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