#197 – OC – Merethide

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200th Drawing… Thanks for your support… (^o^)/

It finally happened, I have now 200 drawings done for my blog, I was really happy with the 100th but now… It’s just incredible, thanks for all visitors, artists and all who participate and help me create this awesome collection… So happy… Bwaaaaa…

Maybe I was a little late because not busy but so hard choose who can be the 200th publication… I hesitate a long time into 2 drawings and artist and it’s finally the lovely Merethide who win… She drew an gift me a lot of Rosalina pics (and sent me originals… Oh yeah)… And it’s not finish because after this one there is two other drawings waiting, a third secret for the moment and she prepare a pretty hot story with Rosalina, Peach, Daisy and her OC Méréthide… I’ll create a special page abotu this story soon… Be patient guys… ^^

I think a lot here know sims on facebook, not use to present the game so at start you must know Méréthide’s sims (And not Méréthide) was in couple with the sims of an other player, I’ll use José for his name…

A day Méréthide was really busy, she ask me help her in the game and play a little for her (I’m sure you notice it’s Jérémie who talk )… So I accepted, play 3 time during the day, publish… Normal, it’s facebook… XD

The more interesting is during the evening José come to talk with Méréthide in facebook chat saying how she can let play a fucking like me at her sims accound (yeau, he hate me), I say “When I come to fuck you, I talk to a man… Sorry but we can’t continue on that way”… Yeah, I’m serous… This guys is crazy…

So Méréthide wanted to draw something with her and José’s sims but after this, we decide to a little punishment and sent to José this drawing with Méréthide sims and mine… I agree my sims look to Rosalina, and it’s because I wanted my sims look to Rosalina, so it’s Méréthide with Rosalina… You can be sure José wasn’t happy see this, now he want to make me a lawsuit… Do you think he can win? Of course no… Mwahahaha…

Other detail about clothes, at a moment we can unlock this lingerie during a quest so it really exist in the game… It’s so funny see its sims dress like this… Not a game for childrens… XD

Artist: Merethide / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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