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#051 – Nintendo – Zelda – Saria

I love Nintendo, that’s why I have 3DS and Wii but not PS3 and XBOX that’s why my favorite girls are Nintendo character and the best is when they created Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

So this time it’s a Zelda character, not the more famous but a really cute who enjoy a little moment with Rosalina: it’s Saria drew by DarkYamatoman… A nice artist with a prety good style and interesting prices for commissions… ^^

I hope you loke this drawing, there is two versions “clean” and “wet” like a Reiq drawing… But less expensive, how nice… (^o^)/

Artist quote: ” Rosalina/Rosetta from the Mario series, and Saria, from Zelda “. This an interesting thing, Rosalina is her english, german, portugess name, Rozetta her original Japan name, Harmonie for France and like artist quote, it can be Rosetta in Brasil… So if you are in other country, I curious to know her name in you language…

Artist: DarkYamatoman  /  Price: 7$