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#026 – Zelda – Ruto

A lot of really nice artist are on HentaiFoundry, this time it’sRandomAustralian who had the kindness to accept drawn Rosalina as request… How nice, thanks so much… (^o^)/

So this time, it’s the princess Ruto From Zelda Ocarina of Time, I don’t know this character and with this drawing, it’s a little hard to see exactly what she look but if you are curious, you can find more information about this character HERE

This drawn is so funny, the title is “Rosalina, Interrupted”, I think you understand why… I love Rosalina face, she is beautifull and really expressive, and with color like this, it look realistic, it’s awesome… ^^

What a pity there isn’t a transparent version for the dress, I’m really curious to know what Ruto was doing… But with imagination, the can do a lot a thing… Oh Yeah… ^^

This time, I just see the final drawing and haven’t any sketchs or lines to show… Sorry about that.. but I hope you will enjoy this really good drawing without that… ;p

Artist: RandomAustralian  /  Price: Request