#074 – Twilight princess – Zelda

Christmas is comming and today it’s the 80th drawing post in my blog… That’s awesome… And with all artist who accepted request, I think the 100th drawing have a chance to exist, oh yeah… (^o^)/

This is the second Drawing with the Princess Zelda from the Nintendo game “Zelda” (what else) commissioned to SkullTitti, if you don’t remember the first by Rawrshaw, it’s here.

Rosalina helping Zelda having some fun then Link is not home (or fuck Saria), Zelda like this is really beautifull, that’s my favorite version but look a little strong comparate to Rosalina… Poor Zelda, really strong girl but it’s always here who is captive while Rosalina float quietly in Mario galaxy and have fun time (if player is good) in Mario kart…

I’m really happy with this commission, love Nintendo Character and this crossover is awesome, there are so hot… so sexy… So beautifull… But don’t really exist… what a pity… T_T

And a little bonus with first Sketchs, at start with this situation, The artist thought to draw Rosalina with Samus but he proposed me some ideas with Samus, other with Zelda, and I choose this one with Zelda, cause I already have one with Samus (here), but already have one with Zelda in the blog, so stupid… XD

Artist: SkullTitti  /  Price: 15$

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