#260 – Legend of Zelda – Midna N°2

I made a huge error with the foursome illustration I had to publish the strip poker illustration made but Konani and commissioned by Tallon (preview on the right). In fact I finished the publication and everything but I only saved the post instead of publish it… So stupid… U_u

Also don’t hesitate to participate to the 4th edition of “Youre dream by…” and decide who will be with Rosalina on the next calendar by Mavruda but don’t publish as anonymous and give a name or nickname, that’s better… ^^


After Zelda by mmichita, there is an other character of the series who wanted to have a sensual moment with Rosalina. Don’t know what Zelda said but Midna wanted her turn. A beautifull and really sensual illustration by TheGTB… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Deviantart is now crazy with hentai or ecchi artists but I hope TheGTB wont have problem, his gallery and art are really impressive, so much beautifull and kinky ladies, wanted to list 1-2 illustration I prefer but can’t decide in fact… Guys, don’t hesitate to visit TheGTB profile and gallery for more illustrations, you will love it for sure… XD

I love TheGTB‘s illustration. Both are so beautifull and the pose make then really sensual. Rosalina face with this shy expression make her so lovely and shy but Minda finger also add a kinky touch. A romantic couple ready for some intimate fun… How powerfull…

Pose and expression are not the only great points. Colors are also beautifull and so much great details, the way TheGTB drew Rosalina’s crown add an original touch, like an iron flower, Midna clothes and jewels also look great, just wonder about the name of what she have on her head…

Artist: TheGTB  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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