Solo – Harmonie in the sky

450th Illustration… (^o^)/
Celebration time for all artists

Less than 10 day left do decide what girl will be with Rosalina on the next calendar wallpaper. Don’t hesitate to take a look and participate to the 4th edition of “Your dream by…“. This time it’s easier, not complete description, just have to suggest a single character for Mavruda.

Also have a little problem with my twitter account, maybe it was hacked but I’m now following more than 450 people (I never hear about) and remove them one by one is sooo long. Also if I follow something here and deleted him accidentally, don’t hesitate to notice me.


Soft illustration this time. I won Khaneety‘s kiriban. If you take a look at her gallery you can see that she’s really into Final Fantasy characters so I wasn’t sure Rosalina will sound fun for her. For sure I tried to suggest my favorite princess and the result is so much powerfull than I expected… Khaneety made a so beautifull and lovely Rosalina floating in the sky… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Khaneety is a really adorable and kind French lady, at start I wanted to make the post in french because at start I write it as honor for the artist but I want to be sure everybody can read it (as if if don’t happen often). Khaneety also make efforts to write in english so don’t hesitate to take a look to her Deviantart profile (here) and gallery (here) if you are curious. As always a little comment is a great support  to show the artist you love his art and what him to continue… Oh yeah…

Back to Rosalina, this is really one of the cutest I ever see, lovely face and nice pose (though her crow have a curious position) but the more impressive is really how Khaneety drew the dress. It look amazing, so beautifull and excellent shading effects. There is really so much work behind this illustration and not only during the drawing process. Khaneety never heard about Rosalina before but she really made a perfect Rosalina, not so much artist think about Lumas or draw the true crown design… The dress is a little different from the original but I must admit I love this version sooo much… This is a really impressive illustration… °w°

If you want an illustration from Khaneety, you can try to win her next kiriban (at 15.000), as you can see you will have an impressive illustration but if yu can’t way and want to support Khaneety you can also commission her. 6$ for a chibi, 10$ for a bust and 20$ for a full body (colored of course), like Khaneety‘s style and all efforts she put on each illustration it’s a really nice deal. At start she’s more into F.F. characters but refereeing to this Rosalina illustration, she wont have problem with new characters… Commisions info here

Artist: Khaneety  /  Cost: 0$ (kiriban)

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