#204 – Nintendo – Twilight princess – Zelda N°4

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After 3 month nothing new about the contest, and in fact it was exactly I though… So today a little change because I have an other event in mind: Rosalina’s birthday on 1st November… Why this date, because Mario Galaxy was release on 1st November 2007 in Japan. The first time I played Mario galaxy the wiimote collided the ground and I was stunned seeing Rosalina for the first time while thinking “Wow, she’s beautifull”… And now it’s for me the more beautifull and cutest character in the world… ^^

But without cute and beautifull, Rosalina can be really hot when she meet other girls, and this time she had a really sexy moment with Zelda and it’s a huge fan FantasyPhalli for this awesome drawing… Oh yeah… XD

First time I have A colored drawing with Rosalina in a fisting situation… During a commission I had Revy from black Lagoon fisting Rosalina but finally the artist used an other sketch, first time I have a colored pic and the result is just awesome, it’s one of the more exciting drawing I have in my blog, thanks so much FantasyPhalli… (^o^)/

Not easy to post a great and interesting comment, not because the drawing is bad but so exciting… Rosalina eye look a little too huge as me but for the rest, FantasyPhalli drew a lot of details and an incredible situation (I sure you don”t notice Rosalina’s pussy hair like a star)… There is Rosalina with open legs, blue dress, her crown, a Luma and Zelda cherishing Rosalina with her left and and fisting with the right, that’s romantic and so hot at the same time….

Rosalina and Zelda face are a great part who make the difference in romantic and hot, in one hand there is Zelda who look calm and reassuring and in the other hand, Rosalina really expressive with this glance and wet pussy… She so wet, love it… You’re so awesome FantasyPhalli… Thanks so much… I must ask him to participate to Rosalina’s birthday, it must be awesome…

Artist: FantasyPhalli / Cost: 0$ (request)

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