#205 – Batman – Catwoman

I received a curious mail from Rachel Grey where she say ‘ I’m making a research for one of my partners and while doing so I noticed rosalinaxgirl.blogspot.com and I have few interesting suggestions for you…‘. Why not but his mail is a little curious because it come in my spam folder and it’s impossible to answer at this mail… So if you have more informatiosn about this girl… Don’t hesitate let a little comment… ^^

So it was a long time I don’t post new drawing as commission, In general I’m more into request but when my budget allow it I buy one, but it’s always too hard find a nice idea and for the moment I can’t ask a drawing at 70$… I hate my budget… T_T

I’m sure a lot know the movie Batman Dark Knight Rises with this really beautifull and so sexy Catwoman… After see the movie I though I must have Rosalina and Catwoman and I asked it to locokid… He have a nice style, interesting price but it’s really because his Underworld drawing (see it on the right) than I choosed him… The way locokid draw latex clothes are great so I was sure he can make a great Catwoman outfif… Oh yeah… XD

I said my budget suck, now you know why there isn’t background on the final version, but the result is awesome, Rosalina tied up by Catwoman’s whip, with the handle of Catwoman’s whip being thrusted inside Rosalina… The only difference with the first sketch than locokid sent me is a Rosalina’s Luma (and not a star like locokid said) points in Catwoman pussy, finally we keep the Luma but it’s now under Rosalina and a huge pillow…

As final a little quote from locokid description in HentaiFoundry, see you guys and don”t hesitate if you know artists who can participate to Rosalina’s Birthday… Thanks in advance… ^^

I got to stick my new fettish of squeezed boobs in there as well. Funnest part was trying to pick a style between a cartoony Rosalina and a realistic catwoman and mixing them together.
Artist: locoki / Cost: 30$


  1. Skull

    Wow, SEXY!!!

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks so much Skull, so nice to see a comment… How are you ?

      I know you aleady drew Rosalina, don”t know if yu noticed it but If you are interested, in 1st november, it will be Rosalina’s birthday. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day when we can discovert this so beautifull and awesome character… It was on 1st november 2007 so this year Rosalina will have 5yo… It you want to participate, it can be awesome, I let you decide what girl(s) can make a gift to Rosalina… And what gift… ^^


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