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#935 – Raven and climax

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration for 2$ patrons (25 times bigger)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn fuck sex climax wet dc raven squirt
Received a warning saying the website firewall has blocked 104 attacks in 10 minutes, still ridiculous compared huge attack but considered my blog it’s still something. I wont install extra security plugins cause the actual one work well and don’t want the access shut down cause conflict between plugins (it happens) anyway I made a full save of database, reason I wasn’t able update with new post yesterday. For now the project keep running, let’s hope nothing bad will happen ^^
Also Psicoero is back to the internet and working on commission, for now there is still 11 illustration before he work on the June patreon raffle reward (expected more compared to the impressive queued he was used to get) anyway should not take to long, stay tuned for more infos… °w°


Time to present MPCreations I discovered on deviantart with his “Nature Shower” illustration that you can see on the left, sweet girl with glasses, sweet curves and lingerie touch mixing with my fetish for wetlook, then he drew some bunny girls covered in chocolate and being an insane messy lover I totally ended addicted to his style. It’s also commenting on this piece I talked about the RosalinaXGirl project to MPCreations that ended curious about the project.
MPCreations asked me what I am after, I answered I don’t had a precise idea since I consider important for the artist to keep fun and freedom (especially if it’s a request) suggesting to look at the project wishlist to see if there is a girl who pick his interest and then he told me “looking through your list, I am going to try rosalina x raven“.
An important point is MPCreations noticed most of the illustration are x rated and was super kind deciding to follow even if he cannot post the illustration at all being only on deviantart. I wanted tell him he can go with something SFW that he can still post his side an promote his art anyway the illustration was already finished and epic the moment he sent me this message so I had no choice manage the best post I could in return.
The project wasn’t intended to be nsfw oriented when created it but my pervert side (and the world being pervert too in general) didn’t helped anyway I didn’t expected MPCreations could go on a so explicit illustration but wont complain loving so much the result. I love high heels and it’s here, same with a lingerie touch and even the messy side with two big squirt (MPCreations managed my 3 biggest fetishes here), the action itself turn extra naughty with some fingering and (deep) tentacle action showing both girl so perfect an voluptuous body.
Only point that surprised me was the background so I asked MPCreations about his idea, for me this square background looks like a comic panel and the action going out of control so out of the frame itself. Finally there wasn’t a really precise idea; the artist told me “I was not sure what to do with the background, then I tried what I ended with and really liked it. I think it really helped the characters stand out a lot more.“. MPCreations have troubles with backgrounds in general, I remember an illustration he posted on deviantart and cropped because he wasn’t happy with the result so it’s powerfull to see he managed something he’s happy with… Oh yeah \(^o^)/
On his profile bio, MPCreations say he “would love to become a proper artists that gets paid, but dreams are free“, he’s really talented I I love the spirit of his art so must see if I can commission him in the future. If there is a chance MPCreations open commission and the budget allow me to get one, could be interesting pick for the patreon raffle. Anyway you can still contact him yourself to send some love and see to commission him by yourself to makke your art dreams come true, even kinky one… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: MPCreations / Request
One year ago: #847 – RosalinaKitty (and Mario)
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#913 – Ivy making the show

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PATREON BONUS: Hug and tits (Abandoned sketch for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn crossover dc poison ivy tentacle tentacles rape
First it took time to find an artist for the patreon raffle and now I have an artist that told me he was ready and got DarkEcoFreak’s idea ready (bondage on the way) then the artist goes inactive and get no answer to my messages. For now I have no choice be patient and if continue that way I’ll find an alternative to get the piece done and be sure the original idea see the light… Oh yeah… (^o^)/
Talking about artists, I reduced the stock to not have artists wait for months before get their illustration published and now I’m at the minimum I reached since the project creation all artists I was counting on can’t make their illustration in time. If an artist it would be ok but at this point it sounds like I’m cursed… Bwaaaaaa… T_T


For now there will have illustration coming made from the 2nd edition of Your dream by… event in 2013, they were intended to be exclusive to the artist website members but may have be deleted due to the time and circumstances. Thing turned bad when Mavis told me he had no more interest to draw Rosalina, was rude but his choice anyway from a simple word misunderstanding from my answer and encouragements he goes really mad and never talked to me anymore. More than 3 years later I still feel mad and frustrated about this ending that also goes with many cool and kinky Rosalina sketches deleted ad that I’ll have no chance see again in the future…. Bwaaaaaaa T_T

  #06 – by DarkAvarian / Character: Poison Ivy

– situation : dark Park theme, ambush rape
– second girl : Poison Ivy
– position : Ivy rape Rosalina and herself with her planttentacles
– clothes : Ivy just wearin a plant slip/string or naked, Rosalina up to you

first of all, im German so please, dont pick on bad spelling, ill try my best that you get what i mean.


So heres my Idea of Rosalina x Poison Ivy, from Batman, a plant Girl. The scene should be appropriate to the Batman Scene itself, so a Park at Night should do the trick for these, should be a dark atmosphere at all. Ivy should be half hidin in some bushes or behind a bench, growing some root tentacles to please herself and ripping of Rosalina’s Clothes and start fuckin her mouth and pussy at once, hand on her tits to seduce em. Ivy should b Naked or wearing just a plant string/slip if yer wanna, the clothes of Rosalina are at full your choice.

This one was the biggest description I received during “Your dream by…” events and DarkAvarian was also the only who sent me his idea by mail. finally compared to the initial idea Mavis decided no draw Ivy behind a bench but sitting on it being more exposed as a mistress contemplating the scene and being turned herself seeing Rosalina raped in front of her looking at the small tentacles coming to please Ivy breasts. There is sure so much great work on this piece and my favourite detail is Ivy wearing Rosalina’s crown looking like an Evil Rosalina but I still prefer the original princess for sure.
Looking at top right corner you can see this action takes place in Gotham park, no idea how Rosalina ended in DC universe and especially that place but no doubt she’ll never forget this trip, also you can see from all tentacles that it’s just the beginning and every holes of this sweet princess will sure be vigorously rapped. You sure can imagine whatever you want about how it came for Rosalina to meet Ivy and of course what will happen later, my side I kinda like imagine Rosalina and Ivy closer being pleasured by the tentacles, makes me wonder if “treated” would sounds better. Anyway what would be your favourite scene between Rosalina and Ivy as continuation of this piece?, I’m curious what you have in mind… °w°

Artist: Mavis / commission
One year ago: #754-755 – Meeting shnoogums5060’s divas
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#205 – Batman – Catwoman

I received a curious mail from Rachel Grey where she say ‘ I’m making a research for one of my partners and while doing so I noticed rosalinaxgirl.blogspot.com and I have few interesting suggestions for you…‘. Why not but his mail is a little curious because it come in my spam folder and it’s impossible to answer at this mail… So if you have more informatiosn about this girl… Don’t hesitate let a little comment… ^^

So it was a long time I don’t post new drawing as commission, In general I’m more into request but when my budget allow it I buy one, but it’s always too hard find a nice idea and for the moment I can’t ask a drawing at 70$… I hate my budget… T_T

I’m sure a lot know the movie Batman Dark Knight Rises with this really beautifull and so sexy Catwoman… After see the movie I though I must have Rosalina and Catwoman and I asked it to locokid… He have a nice style, interesting price but it’s really because his Underworld drawing (see it on the right) than I choosed him… The way locokid draw latex clothes are great so I was sure he can make a great Catwoman outfif… Oh yeah… XD

I said my budget suck, now you know why there isn’t background on the final version, but the result is awesome, Rosalina tied up by Catwoman’s whip, with the handle of Catwoman’s whip being thrusted inside Rosalina… The only difference with the first sketch than locokid sent me is a Rosalina’s Luma (and not a star like locokid said) points in Catwoman pussy, finally we keep the Luma but it’s now under Rosalina and a huge pillow…

As final a little quote from locokid description in HentaiFoundry, see you guys and don”t hesitate if you know artists who can participate to Rosalina’s Birthday… Thanks in advance… ^^

I got to stick my new fettish of squeezed boobs in there as well. Funnest part was trying to pick a style between a cartoony Rosalina and a realistic catwoman and mixing them together.
Artist: locoki / Cost: 30$

#153 – DC – Poison Ivy

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian DC poison ivy

100th girl with Rosalina… (^o^)/

Actually 18 followers, I expected a little more like total pageviews maybe I don’t know how I can promote the 200th pic contest if I do it… But for the moment, the more important is new drawings with Rosalina so enjoy this new pic with Rosalina and Poison Ivy… ^^

I see a really nice pic of Poison Ivy in hentaifoundry, I love how the artist drew the character but his commission price were a little too expensive for me… But after that, I really want this character with Rosalina that’s why I added her in the wishlish and that so nice Wisperwind choose her… ^^

Wisperwind have a nice style but not a huge level, that’s why she haven’t a huge gallery in hentaifoundry, her art is rejected because anatomical errors. That’s so bad hf refuse this submission but I agree there is a little anatomic mistake, the biggest I see is Ivy’s left leg who have a curious start, maybe the rest is great and I’m so happy publish it in my blog, mistake or not… (^o^)/

Maybe if you are curious about Wisperwind, you can also take a look to her Deviantart account (click here), there is a pretty funny kiriban in her galerie, so don’t hesitate to take a look but she don’t upload the pic with Rosalina and Ivy in deviantart, that’s so bad… T_T

Artist: Wisperwind / Price: Request