#153 – DC – Poison Ivy

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100th girl with Rosalina… (^o^)/

Actually 18 followers, I expected a little more like total pageviews maybe I don’t know how I can promote the 200th pic contest if I do it… But for the moment, the more important is new drawings with Rosalina so enjoy this new pic with Rosalina and Poison Ivy… ^^

I see a really nice pic of Poison Ivy in hentaifoundry, I love how the artist drew the character but his commission price were a little too expensive for me… But after that, I really want this character with Rosalina that’s why I added her in the wishlish and that so nice Wisperwind choose her… ^^

Wisperwind have a nice style but not a huge level, that’s why she haven’t a huge gallery in hentaifoundry, her art is rejected because anatomical errors. That’s so bad hf refuse this submission but I agree there is a little anatomic mistake, the biggest I see is Ivy’s left leg who have a curious start, maybe the rest is great and I’m so happy publish it in my blog, mistake or not… (^o^)/

Maybe if you are curious about Wisperwind, you can also take a look to her Deviantart account (click here), there is a pretty funny kiriban in her galerie, so don’t hesitate to take a look but she don’t upload the pic with Rosalina and Ivy in deviantart, that’s so bad… T_T

Artist: Wisperwind / Price: Request

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