#154 – Solo – Easter Bunny

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More than 150 pics here but in fact, I haven’t draw anything… That’s so bad I can’t create my own pics and publish a lot of Rosalina here by me… Thanks so much to all artist who help me create this awesome blog, I never expected reach something like this… And now I say I can do more… Let’s go… ^^

Maybe I don’t have to level to draw but I love take photography so today if will be a special publication with me and a Rosalina cosplayer… I finally meet one… (^o^)/

Today it’s an Easter Rosalina, I know it’s a little late since easter but this is my fault, too much pics waiting before maybe it’s not Easter is over that you can’t enjoy this beautifull Rosalina by Merethide. If you don’t remember her, she gift me two drawings with Rosalina and Rosetta Christopher (see soft pic here and hot pic here) but she’s an artist too who drew the 2 first pics who are in my blog with Rosetta Christopher (again) and Shirona… Merethide is a great friend and nice artist who’s too busy to draw a lot so I’m so happy have a new Rosalina by Merethide here… That so nice… XD

Important think about Merethide, she need more support to draw so if you post post a little comment here or in her Deviantart page encourage her, sincerely it must be really nice so don”t hesitate and thanks in advance guys… ^^

Merethide wasn’t really happy how turn the line so at start she didn’t want color it but she stopped a lot of drawings so I insisted that she finish and color this one and there is the result… Thanks so much Merethide… Maybe other information, she have a project for a story with Rosalina and an other girl, Maybe I’ll do my best to encourage her but I prefer don”t say or show more for the moment, be patient guys… ;p

Artist: Merethide / Price: Request

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