#282 – Twilight princess – Zelda N°7

I had an idea during a fashion show, I saw a really beautifull model and thought at a new project: Rosalina meet reality… For the moment my wishlist have a lot of girls from video games, movies, mangas and cartoons but she not show her hwit real girls? Not girls you can see in a movie as character like Lara croft, Selene or other but really a true girl… It already happened one time but the drawing was never published for the moment, maybe a serie like this have some chances to be more soft (don’t want problems)… But for the moment it’s just an idea… ^^

for this post it’s a girl I’m sure everybody know and who already meet Rosalina 6th times (see other drawings here), It’s Zelda from the Zelda zeries (that’s simple)… Now I must talk about the artist and it’s a huge thanks to the lovely and talented Cavalry

Sincerely you must take a look to Cavalry‘s gallery, her style is amazing (or his style, I hate the “gender: other” in hentaifoundry) so don’t hesitate take a look at the gallery (it’s here) and maybe commission her, Like the pricelist on Cavalry‘s profile a drawing like this as commission cost something like 45$, like the quality of her art, it’s really interesting… Oh yeah… ^^

I also added the sketch, that’s so powerfull see there is a Rosalina in progress and have a preview, we can imagine ho it will look with the artist’s style but after that I’m always really exciting to see the final version. Some latex, exciting tongue (love this face expression for Rosalina) and the dildo suggested Zelda must prapare herself… So beautifull and powerfull… Thanks so much Cavalry… (^o^)/

But guys be careful about one point, the “Let’s play” it’s for Zelda, sorry about that… ;p

Artist: Cavalry / Cost: 0$ (Request)
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1620784
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Cavalry/profile

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    Wow, hot!


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