#281 – Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – Stocking

Did you noticed that the twitter’s bird appeared on the blog? By the way his name is Larry in homage to the basket player Larry bird. In fact since the creation of the blog I really wanted a page to show what happend wih the blog, not sure people remember it but there was page like “what news”, “in progress” or “abandoned drawings” but it was always so hard to update and these page were deleted… Now I decided to try it again but with something different; I saw a little twitter widget on Mavruda’s site (see it here) and I thought it’s an excellent idea… Don’t hesitate to take a look an maybe follow my twitter account… ^^

But a drawing I didn’t talk about in Twitter, it’s this so powerfull Rosalina and Stocking drew as commission by the awesome Crimsonberry. She have an amazing style but generally draw male characters (that’s rare in hentaifoundry) but when I saw her Samus in Bondage and latex suit you can be sure I asked to Crimsonberry if you do commissions or maybe requests…

finally it was commission only but Crimsonberry have really interesting prices like her amazing style so after this one there is two drawings coming. One sexy with Asuka and the other with power girl for the soft blog… I’m really curious how will look powergirl with Crimsonberry‘s style and of course what she have in mind for this pairing… so excited… °w°

 I hesitated a lot before add Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, the original character have a realy special style in her cartoon form but I noticed some greats fanarts of this serie so I thought “I must try and if maybe and artist choose her it must be great” and finally Crimsonberry choosed her… So nice… (^o^)/

I love the result and how Crimsonberry drew Rosalina and Stocking. Like this they have the same style and it’s really like they are from the same universe, the same series. Especially with Rosalina and Stocking hair style…

Last thing, at start Crimsonberry planned to do this pairing for the soft blog (you can see the first sketch on the right) but the soft blog must be really soft, not like there isn’t explicit content or action but everydoby can visit the soft blog like my family or children so I must be really careful and make something like Rosalina… Just beautifull… ^^

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