#280 – Nintendo – Daisy N°5

It’s always a huge dilemma when I find an old drawing I totally missed in my mailbox… In one hand it’s a “new” one for the blog so must be a really original post because nobody know the drawing (or totally forgot it) but for the artists, it’s not really fair. When I found this Rosalina x Daisy I thought ‘How I can missed this one… How I can missed to publish a drawing with Rosalina… That’s so stupid‘… T_T

I often apologize in my mails for the long time to reply but this time it’s really more than 2-3 days late but 4 months since I receive this drawing… I’m really sorry about that Throat but now I have your drawing and it’s time to show your incredible art to the world… Rosalina x Daisy again but when it’s beautifull there is never enough… Oh yeah.

I tried to find more about the fact than Throat chosen to pair Rosalina with Daisy but can’t find any interesting informations in his mail, Throat just said ‘I’m sure you’ve already got a large amount of Rosaline x Daisy but… Here’s more. :3‘ and same thing for his hentaifoundry gallery, I can just say he love video game girls. Though you can also take a look a Throat‘s gallery too, there is a lot of great drawings… °w°

It’s not the first drawing I have with Rosalina and an other girl, stick together having a long kiss. There is really a lot of situations like this in the blog and it will be soo long to list all but this drawing have something different; it look more sensual and romantic. Not a pose than you can see in a fapping blog but who can happened in the true life… That’s so beautifull and lovely (but still really sexy)… XD

Thanks so much for your participation and interest Throat and once again sorry for my huge fail. Artists really spend a lot of time to draw Rosalina and help me increase the collection so after that my objective is to write the best post I can and make the artist honoured with the post… Please forgive me Throat

Artist: Throat / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: http://throatsart.tumblr.com/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Throat/profile

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