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#126 – Dragonball – Android 18 (C18)

New drawing by crazyjen, a Deviantart artist who love to drawn C18 like his gallerie and accept make a pic with Rosalina and (of course) C18… Enjoy… ^^

Crazyjen is not a fan of really hot or sexy but he love drawn romantic situation, you can take a look to his deviantart gallerie (click here), there is a lot of nice and so cute pics with C18 and Krillin. Maybe this time Krillin will be jealous, but I understand C18, Rosalina is so beautifull… XD

Rosalina have so cute and expressive face, C18’s expression is almost evil glee, she has got plans in her head, Rosalina should be afraid… I don’t quote all but take a look to the Crazyjen’s publication in deviantart (here), he write a nice and interesting description with the pic:

“A few things, this is actually the first time I actually draw Rosalina. She came out pretty well after a few sketches^_^. I like this Nintendo character a lot so it was fun to draw her. Secondly, it’s a Shoujoai/Yuri picture. I can safely say I have not drawn many of that variety, I think this is the third one ever I did? Anyway, it was a challenge but I succeeded I think!”
Artist: Crazyjen / Price: Request
Deviantart profil: http://crazyjen.deviantart.com/<br/Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-cj4dj.php

#123-124 – DragonBall – Androit 18 (C18)

I’m so happy publish this post because this time it’s two new pictures, and not a simple clean/wet versions but two really different pic showing Rosalina with C18…. Huge thanks to Wuotan for his awesome work… Oh yeah… XD

So the idea for the first pic was Rosalina got into trouble with C18 from Dragonball… bad idea, C18 gave her a hard time and it’s not getting any better!” and Wuotan think there is some potential for a second pic with these two blondes and he do it… So is a second pic with C18 ripped Rosalinas clothes off and put her down on the hot sand to give her a nice and deep strapon-fuck, so hot… (^o^)/

At start when Wuotan accept my request and say he want to drawn Rosalina I was a little scared because there is some artists who submit a sketch with Rosalina and C18 for commission and the result wasn’t really interesting, but now I have two artists who drew this two girls and the result is so good each time (See the other version by Crazyjen here… Thanks again Wuotan you interest for my blog and these two awesome pic… You’re so nice… ^^

Artist: Wuotan / Price: Request