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I was close to open the twitter and announce I did lost access and control of the blog. Tried to connect on the morning but impossible to login and even the mails sent from password reset request link didn’t work leading to a page saying “Your password reset link appears to be invalid“. Tried several ways to fix it manually deleting some plugins from database potentially making conflict or changing the Http version from the host dashboard panel. Following internet advises I tried about cookies or editing config files with no results so far.

Finally the problem was on the SQL database itself, the site being from 2017 have a lot of values with the statistic history and a huge wave of spam comments waiting made the database size being over limit and turning as read only. Needed a bit of clean-up and now it’s working back. Just will have some extra fixing cause I made a too powerfull cleaning and actually deleted ALL comments… Luckily back-up exists O_o


Anyway now I’m back let’s take the opportunity to give some kinky new Rosalina, today one made by the lovely and friendly Lunakiri featuring her two OC Adrian and Luna. Adrian being my favorite of her so far since the Vaporeon gijinka (on the left) still being one of my favorite piece so far and made me ask for Rosalina and Adrian duo several times. The second character Luna actually being Lunakiri‘s representation, it’s pretty fun to have the artist itself being involved in the illustration, even more when this one turn quite kinky adding a kind of exhibition touch for an lewder spirit °w°

The scene was Lunakiri‘s idea so each new wip and details came as surprises and of course mostly were good surprises. Could be as example when Rosalina shoes evolved to high heels on the 5th wip I received (on the right). Next preview I received from Lunakiri was also quite important part of the surprise process, had to wait for the 6th wip to discover about the background concept and get Adrian was part of the scene and was powerfull to know this would turn as a trio scene. The little exhibitionist duo was now caught on camera but both girls looking too horny at this point to stop, this will sure allow Adrian to get some really nice shoots from this night (and hopefully she’ll send them to me someday and no worries I’ll share with you guys) XD

Anyway as I said every new wip coming from Lunakiri giving update about added stuff like the heels or background but you can also notice some details were lost on the process like Luna stocking and gloves pattern. And this is the reason I love to get and share these wip teaching a lot about the illustration creation from those step by step. Anyway wont blame Lunakiri from removing strips on gloves when on the other side I got Adrian to join the fun. And finally with the 8th release came the final version with two alternatives, first with classic shading and the second with a light effect from Adrian’s camera, I really love the flash version with the light highlighting Rosalina’s attributes such as these massivly fantastic breasts and lovely orgasmic face <3

Artist: Lunakiri / Commission
Website: www.amberlynne.me/stuff
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
All links: www.nushara.com/lunakiri/links
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