#824 – Fuck machine experience

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Even with the patreon raffle is each month, I guess it’s time prepare a new exclusive piece for my dear supporters, let’s see what kind of content I can manage to offer, maybe I should do a pool.
Also, I did a mistake while washing stuff for my sexy Rosalina cosplay and got some lingerie destroyed. Was a so fucking stupid mistake, luckily it’s not important thing compared if I would have my dress destroyed but love so much those thigh-high. Was hard find exat same, thanks to my cutie who helped me find the same exact on then I bought 2 pairs to be safe now… °w°


No time to be lazy with this new illustration by BandiJones coming here a few hours after be finished, he told me the illustration would be ready for Sunday afternoon and did it then my side I told him I would post it on the same day so better do it and be serious. A really hot and surprising illustration, here is April patreon raffle and curiously it was requested for a solo Rosalina. Not really the spirit for a yuri project but when received his answer, the winner said “I’m thinking solo with a sex machine […] Classic with toys sounds good, Rosie can be on all four maybe with a little ahegaos“, I sure was surprised by it but still interested… °w°
I always said the main rule is no man and BandiJones was fine with the idea. I already got Rosalina ridding a sybian (see it here) but first time for the kind of machine and it’s sure looks quite hot. Maybe if wasn’t told about classic I would have asked BandiJones to use this one from Badoo ad, it would make a fucking hot animated piece with Rosalina if a day I can manage commission something like this. Also a fucking machine mounted on a drill, the world creativity for porn will never stop surprise me… XD
It also was requested for a specific lingerie suit on Rosalina that I really love and suit her so nicely, BandiJones really managed everything so perfectly and that sweet princess turn so damn erotic looking so sexy and naughty. While preparing the post and looking at the wip, I though it could be interesting add a controller on the bed for Rosalina to manage speed and movement range so asked it to BandiJones. Looking at Rosalina expression I guess she goes for full speed but can rid it, who know how crazy she would goes using the machine… °w°
As if she have to be a really sweet and innocent princess, BandiJones made Rosalina looks so hot and naughty, with the see-through lingerie, facial expression and text that turn it so naughty and intense when you imagine her shaking her hips rhythmically to feel deeper. On the other side there is one point that surprised me noticing BandiJones use same technique for body parts like shoulders, elbows and knees than for shiny effect on ass, he told me he was always going that way so don’t know why I notice it just for this piece… O_o
The final illustration turn gorgeous, as if BandiJones is a pro with cunni and high heels he can still manage other scenes perfectly but my side being addicted to heels I wont commission him barefoot often. There is another illustration I commissioned him that will come soon so stay tuned guys and you know you ca also manage to commission him since his actual price are pretty cheap, actually it’s 15$ + 5$ per extra character and even cheaper if you go for SFW. For more infos just take a look to his HentaiFoundry page and the other places to see more about his art, there is some cuties and ravishing ladies and second point more interesting; many cunni action and gorgeous high heels shoes… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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    Superbe article^^ et je ne trouve pas que ce soit méchant xd


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