#823 – No hole keep safe (LIGHT GURO)

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I’m still far to get it up to date but I added more content to the gallery page (here) if you are curious. Anyway I know some posts linked have mistakes so please report them in comment. Thanks guys.
Also learned something looking for new artist, when you find one that is kinda new and begin with good level and really small price. don’t feel you can take the opportunity come ask for too much or you’ll make him feel scary and decline your commissions… Bwaaaa… T_T


After the troubles I got with the watersport illustration I wasn’t sure how manage special fetishes like watersport, scat or guro that are luckily really rare, first idea was to create a dedicated page but would not be great like the really few content and rare updates. Anyway I have now a special illustration by Hitori involving thorny tentacle penetration. This time I wont wish you to enjoy it but be careful looking at it… ^^
Anyway with this title, description and blurred warning on Hitori‘s illustration, I consider you are enough warned about the content so if you are shocked it you fault guys. I agree it’s kind of hard treat for a so lovely and innocent princess but the blog is open to every artists that have all their own styles and fetishes so sometimes it goe a bit more special and extreme, anyway this is the 2nd yuri piece from 820 illustration in 8 years it’ far to come at a crazy rate like this one Hitori did and may not change guys, no worry.
According the title, the idea Hitori managed was tentacle penetration in all holes so mouth, pussy, ass and even breasts, at last ears are safe (better not exaggerate to much). Second point that make this illustration really special is hard thorns along tentacles that make it more extreme and bit guro, also considering Hitori made the tentacles on Rosalina mouth isn’t entering but going out from that side, her inside must hurt… O_o
Anyway here is an artist you better judge on his style than this illustration cause not only guro, Hitori draw almost all the themes as he said. You can see his art on all places linked bellow and I guess best is start with his Hentaifoundry that don’t have extreme stuff to see more safe piece but still with a kinky touch… ^^

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